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There’s been a pretty big outrage and speculation about Zoe’s new advent calendar (Zoella). Zoe addressed in her recent vlog that she has no control over the pricing once it gets to the retailer.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about Zoella brought out a Christmas Advent Calendar this year as part of her Christmas Lifestyle Range. The calendar looks like this:

Zoe Advent.jpg

The calendar has 12 separate doors, and here are the items inside.

A Bauble (ceramic) – Door 1
Confetti – Door 2
Purse – Door 5
A Candle 130g – Festive Cookie – Door 6
Cookie cutter x 2 – one is a star and one is a gingerbread man – Door 3 & 10
Jotter pad –  Day 11
Key ring – Fluffy black pompom – Day 9
Pen – Door 8
Room spray 30ml – Door 7 – Clementine
Stickers – Door 4  (7 Stickers)
Candle – Door 12

Don’t get me wrong I love Zoe and I love the fact her and her company have decided to bring this advent calendar out, but the abuse she is getting is not acceptable.

This advent calendar DID retail for £50. Boots have now realised the outburst and frustration over this calendar, and taken the price down to £25.

Zoe Advent 2.JPG

In her recent vlog, Zoe explained the price has nothing to do with her. I wrote this out just so you know that all of these words are her own –

“There has been some upset & disappointed people in the Zoella Lifestyle Advent Calendar, specifically the price of the calendar. I didn’t want to not address it because you guys know I do care about and feel about things and the last thing I want to do is anger and upset or disappoint anyone. That is not my intention in the slightest.
The calendar is something I have worked on for a year, and I love the product and I’m all about the creativity. I’m all about getting it from a design to a product. Where my input ends, is there. Once that product is done and I’m happy with it, the retailer can decide how much they sell that for. It is completely out of my decision making. I don’t have the right to make those decisions. It makes me so sad that a product that I love and worked hard on and loads of you like the product its just having that product at the price that was out of my decision has left so many people so upset.”

 I personally know that when a product is done and finalised, there is nothing the creator of that product can do about the price. The price, as stated, is not Zoe’s fault. Yes it was £50 but it was out of her control!

I think its amazing how hard Zoe has worked on this calendar and especially if she has been working on it for the past year. Its completely unfair she received so much hate and backlash the past few days especially this week. I just don’t understand why people decide to give her so much rubbish especially she clarified in her vlog.

Her subscribers aren’t entirely happy of course, but parents have given the poor woman so much hate about everything to do with the products inside. People have been that insightful that they’ve now decided to go on sites like Amazon and eBay to gather the items in her calendar and compare what the total cost of the 12 items inside come up to and then tweet her and complain and say its riduclous

I personally have watched Zoe since 2012 and never have I seen her receive so much hate. She stated in one of her videos when she first brought out her first range that the prices they were selling for in Superdrug were not decided by her at all and that Superdrug values the products they place on their shelves and sell them for what they think is a reasonable price.

I thought this blog post was acceptable to make and right to make to defend Zoe and it just makes me furious that people have given her so much hate. Zoe certainly works hard on her products to make sure they’re perfect for her followers and subscribers and family and friends and general audience.

If you don’t agree, if you do agree, let me know. I want to hear people’s thoughts about the calendar and Zoe’s products.

The link to Zoe’s vlog explaining is here

Until next time,

Abi xx

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2 thoughts on “Zoe’s Advent Calendar | My Thoughts | Abi Says

  1. Thanks for this! I was one of the ones unhappy with Zoella and her management because in my opinion they were taking advantage of younger children. (I wasn’t one of the nasty commenters however). I never knew about the price drop or Zoellas reaction so thank you!

    1. No worries I’m glad you read the post:) Definitely agree they took advantage especially of the younger ones! Just doesn’t seem ethical to me!

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