Where Have I Been? | A Little Update

It has been a hot minute since I’ve been here. If you saw my post yesterday, you may have realised at the bottom of that post is an asterisk stating that post was a collaboration, hence not giving a little update in that instead.

I thought it was about time I updated to let you know where I’ve been. About a month ago, my blog completely stopped working. I had absolutely no idea what had happened, or what the cause behind it stopping was, so I handed it over to my host’s hands.
This was so difficult to resolve and it took some time but we’re back!

As well as my blog deciding to break, I have been so so busy with college work daily. I thankfully have time to write this post now I’m waiting on replies from tutors at last, so here I am.
I have had so many different ideas pop into my head that are all written down in my notebook, so keep your eyes peeled!

With 2019 being fresh, I’ve finally decided on a few topics I’ll be focusing on throughout this blog hopefully for the foreseeable future! Those topics are:
– Lifestyle
– Music
– Mental Health
– Photography
– Food

I’m really wanting to change up my blog, and give everything I go and then I will hopefully finally have a nice I can focus on. I’m hoping also, that I will have two main niche’s I will have decided on.
I’m super excited to give everything a go. I’d love if you’re new, to stick around! You can follow me on all sorts!

Until Next Time,
Abi xx

Where You Can Find Me:
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Instagram: @abisaysblog
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