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What I Miss About UK Christmas | Abi Says

Hello all,

It appears I’ve missed a few days! I really apologise for that! I’ve again been busy regarding college work, as well as Vlogmas on my Youtube channel. There’s a video gone live as you’re reading, so click here if you’re interested!

college morning routine (1).pngToday I’m bringing you a post about what I miss about UK Christmas time and the whole lead up to Christmas as a whole. If you know me, and have been a follower of my blog for a while, you’ll know I moved to Australia just over two months ago with my family to the beautiful sunshine state, Queensland. (although its not particularly sunny right now!)
Being here has meant I am missing out on my very first Christmas in 17 years away from the UK, and completely out of the country. Its the strangest thing being so far away and not feeling Christmassy at all. Since being here I’ve watched the first days of December roll in and the summer weather beginning to settle in. However, there are many things I’ve found myself already missing.

  • I am missing the whole Christmas cosy feeling more than anything at the moment. Warm jumpers and hot chocolate can’t really happen here because its too hot to actually wear a jumper! Last night I did pop a jumper on though, because I just was not warm!
  • I miss the Christmas lights in the chilly weather. If your local town is anything like mine was, there were Christmas lights set up every year through the town with all the typical green and red colours, and that’s just something I’ve found myself missing! It puts you in an even more Christmassy mood.
  • The Christmas Tree!! We receive our container on Wednesday which has my whole life in it and the entire of my old house. The one thing we haven’t yet done is put the Christmas tree up. Of course I’ll have it in the next three days, but not being able to put it up in the first week of December like we usually do is just the most sad thing ever.
  • Boots £10 gift sets. This one is strange, as well as the next point I’ll mention. I’ve found Christmas shopping really quite difficult this year because things are expensive and I’m someone who doesn’t yet have an Australian income so I’m using my savings. I’d usually manage to find a gift set from boots for about £10, but here I’m really struggling! I’ve managed to rely on eBay a lot more though for their deliveries.
  • Primark Christmas pyjamas. These were an absolute must in the UK, including slippers and the fluffy jumpers. Over here we can’t (at least I haven’t managed to) wear long fluffy pyjamas at night because its just far too hot in the evenings! Even at 4am its been 18 degrees outside! The temperature only ever drops when the wind hits us before a storm, which is exactly what its doing right now as I’m writing this!

Those are the things i’m missing about a UK Christmas at the moment. I can’t think of any else but if I can I will certainly let you know! x

I hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful fluffy white snow!
Until next time,
Abi xx

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