Uber Easy Lazy Girl Hacks For Looking Good

Alrighty, let’s be real – no one can be bothered looking their best all of the time. To counter that point, we also don’t want to go out in public feeling like death warmed up. There is too much at stake for a woman to put a foot wrong. If only we could look like Gigi Hadid at all times am I right?! I’m an online college student who is pretty much 90% at home every single day and on those days I want to make an effort, I don’t wanna be spending too much time getting ready! I have deadlines too!

We play with the cards and try to find a way around the obstacles. Thankfully, there are enough lazy ladies out there like us who want a simple life. And, they’ve come up with some super-easy hacks to wow on the street without spending hours in front of a mirror! (Get in!)

Forget A Full Face of Concealer!
Applying a mask in a morning can take a good twenty minutes, which is 1,200 seconds too long for most women. (Especially Me) Still, you need a light foundation to stop your skin from looking white and pasty. So, the trick is to apply a very gentle base, one which only just adds a light shimmer. Then, use the thicker stuff to conceal the spots that are glaringly obvious. What this leaves you with is makeup which isn’t over the top while masking the spots that give you nightmares. Check out this link for more info. Applying a full face of concealer might be your quickest option, but please consider the difference in weight compared to foundation. Your concealer is usually heavier than your foundation!


Remove Last Night’s Makeup
Of course, everybody knows about this trick. It’s part of every woman’s beauty routine at night. Though that might be true, it doesn’t mean we are effective at it. How often do you wake up in the morning with gloops of eyeliner in your lashes? (ew ew ew) The truth is regular alcohol-free wipes aren’t thorough enough because they don’t get into the pores. Instead, you need a cotton pad with an oil-based remover as the oil digs deep down into the skin. Anyone worried about clogging the pores with grease can wash it off after the makeup is gone! Alternatively, use a cleansing butter. You NEED this one from The Body Shop! It’s so so good at removing the last bits of last night’s makeup and SO worth the £25 / $25

Whiten Those Teeth!
In an Instagram-centric world, a girl has to be ready for an impromptu photo shoot at any moment. They’re like a flash mob – you have no idea when one will break out. Whitening teeth sounds like a hassle because you have to visit the dentist and follow their instructions and blah, blah, blah. Even home kits are overly detailed, right? No, not mouth guards because they fit into your mouth and stay there for a few minutes. Find out more at this link. Or, you can opt for a gel and let it soak in a while going about your daily routine. After having braces, I really needed to maintain the colour of my teeth throughout the whole process: before, during and after. Brushing my teeth twice a day really helped me maintain the white colour they are now and I’m obsessed!

Filter Posts
Freshening up your look without makeup would be the Holy Grail. Thankfully, my post already has it covered so take a look if you’re interested. (plug plug plug) The main one to keep in mind is Instagram. Nowadays, the editing tools on photo apps are of a professional standard which means you can photoshop any images you hate. All you need to do is add a filter and sit back and relax. Talk about not boosting your appearance without makeup! (don’t tell anyone though 😉 ) I looove to use VSCO, Lightroom and Afterlight to edit my Instagram photos!

The secret is to think outside of the box and to do things which impact your routine as little as possible! We all need those little tips and tricks getting ready has to offer without making too much effort!

Until next time,
~Abi x

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