Three Ways To Hit Refresh On Your Life

It’s sort of like when your phone or laptop starts glitching – you hit refresh and shut it down. Sometimes it feels like it would be good to be able to do the same thing for the other areas of your life. Career, relationships, health, finances – when things go off track, and you feel like you can’t work out a solution, the ability to start again would be a huge bonus. It’s easy to get into negative habits – eating unhealthy foods and getting into a cycle of low energy, staying late at work every night and feeling burned out or being stuck in a job that you hate, drowning in to-do lists without ever making progress or being so busy you don’t make time for a partner, or repeatedly falling into a pattern of bad behaviour. But just how do you hit refresh on your actual life?


Refresh Your Look
Stuck in a bit of a style rut? Often when our life changes, it can feel like the way we present ourselves to the world no longer fits. Time for an image change. Ease yourself into it by starting a Pinterest board of stylish outfits. Pull out the key pieces that are a common thread of the looks you like. These can then form the basis of a new capsule wardrobe. Take a look at Project 333 for a guide to building a new, edited look. The key is to understand your personal style, and planning your purchases instead of making impulse buys or sale ‘bargains’ that never get worn. You can extend this new you to other styling decisions too – like trying out a bold new hair colour or looking into tattoo laser removal or eyebrow shaping. When you have a strategy for style it’s much easier to know what to do.


Refresh Your Room
Your space should be your sanctuary, a safe place where you can escape from the stresses of life and make time for planning your goals, journaling, meditation or just catching up on Netflix. But if your surroundings are cramped and badly organised, they can have the opposite effect. Start by having a big clear out – you could try looking at Marie Kondo for inspiration. Make sure that you are only filling your space with beautiful, functional objects that enhance your life. If you don’t know why you’re keeping something – don’t! Clutter is not good for your mental state, as it creates a constant low-level state of stress. Focus on minimising what you own.


Refresh Your Goals
Most people set goals in the New Year and then promptly forget about them by mid-January. Hit refresh on your personal intentions before the end of the year by reviewing the list and then choosing just one or two to refocus and start afresh on. Remind yourself why you want to achieve what you promised yourself before the end of the year. Identify anything that is acting as a roadblock and change it- whether that means getting up half an hour earlier to fit in some morning yoga or putting aside some time from your lunch break to draft the first chapter of that novel you’ve always wanted to write. It’s not too late!

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