The Manchester Markets 2018… What Did I Think?

Over the years throughout the likes of high school etc, I’ve always heard heaps of things about the Manchester Christmas Markets, and never actually managed to go until this year. If you don’t know, I am currently back from Australia in the UK for a couple weeks, and I arranged to go to the Christmas Markets with my friends from college.

We left Chester Train Station at 10am after missing the 9am train… Oops. The commute wasn’t great due to the train being so small and very noisy with lousy seats, but it got us to Manchester and all the way back. We stopped at every single station on the way there and back which wasn’t too great and delayed the journey even more.

After arriving in Manchester Piccadilly, we walked around little sections of Manchester and went to Primark, Debenhams as well as Harvey Nichols just to have a mooch around.
Arriving at the markets was crazy. I hadn’t actually realised how many there would be, as well as the fact they’re spread out everywhere. There was a whole bunch of markets in Albert Square, and a lot of different options to choose from. There were independent businesses from around Manchester, like The Manchester Shop , which sold beautiful bits and pieces from the likes of T-Shirts, jumpers, beanies, jewelry, bags, iron on patches, pins and so so much more. They do beautiful pieces and I highly recommend for Mancunians or any lovers of Manchester to check them out.

As for food ohhh my goodness me. I have never seen so much food in one place, I’m almost certain of it. I thought everything smelt so so incredible and I honestly could have splurged a lot more money than I did. In the end I went for a sausage from one of the German food stands, but throughout the day we found so much more.

There were so many different businesses from different countries that had food that smelt incredible, including Italian. NOM. We taste tested a whole lot of different things, including fudge and chocolate, which of course smelt amazing.

Look at these lovely little Dutch Pancakes I had. They were absolutely incredible and I had them with maple syrup on them and they cost me £4.50 for 9.

I also had this wonderful chocolate strawberry covered skewer which was £5 and was gone within minutes. Just amazing.

Would I recommend the Manchester Markets? Absolutely! If you live in a reasonable distance of Manchester, definitely head over and try out the markets as well as getting a good walk in. I did 15,000 steps and ended up doing 10km (6 miles) which is just insane. It was the perfect amount of time to be out and make a day of it. We got the train from Manchester back to Chester at 4.45 and got back to Chester for 6.10pm, and felt like it was definitely worth it. Have a look at what the Markets have to offer >>here!<<

See you tomorrow!
Abi x

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