The Daily Face | Blogmas Day 4

Hello all, welcome back!

As you can tell from the title, today I’ll be walking you through my daily makeup (or at least the makeup I wore today). I did one of these a good few months ago which you can find here!

A few of the products I have mentioned before in the previous daily face post and I love the products all the same so here we go –


For primer I will always stick to the Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm because the glycerine within the product gives an amazing base for your makeup to stick to throughout the day. I have found this primer prevents creasing around my smile lines and around my nose where I tend to gather a few spots around this time of the year. You can find it in all good shops like Tesco, Superdrug and Boots all linked if you click on the shop names. It is much cheaper in Tesco at the moment! I got mine from Superdrug but I wish I had looked at Tesco first!

F O U N D A T I O N 

For my foundation I have tried one out I had personally never heard anything about before. This is the Barry M Flawless Matte Foundation which was £5.99 from Superdrug and its honestly my third favourite foundation and formulation I have tried. A post will be coming tomorrow with reviews on my top 3 foundations! I love how the foundation blends and just the overall finish, and you certainly don’t need to use a powder with this foundation at all because of how matte it is. Mine is in the shade porcelain if you were wondering.


This concealer is the same as the one mentioned in the previous daily face post. I have recently been using the Mac Prolong Wear Concealer mainly because of its light and highlighting colour and it is perfect to wear at this time of year because I get ridiculously pale! I love it’s high coverage and formula. Mine is in the lightest shade I think (don’t quote me on that I’m really not sure) in NW15. This was £17.50 from the Mac store in my local Debenhams which I believe is £2 more expensive than it should be?!

As the foundation is matte, I didn’t need to use powder. I did however use a light transparent powder under my eyes to set in that concealer.

C O N T O U R & H I G H L I G H T & 


For my contour I used a mix of the powder from my eyebrow kit and the Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer. This combo gives me a good sharp line for my contour. Together this comes to just above £10 for sculpting. For highlight I used the MUA Skin Shimmer which was £2-3 and it’s great. For my eyebrows I use the MUA ProBrow Eyebrow Kit which retails for £4 and there is an angled brush included. I however use my Real Techniques Brow Brush instead.


This mascara is one I never hear anyone speak about and this is the Astor Pure Seduction Codes. The wand one this mascara is great and really gives volume and length. I got mine for £4 from my local charity shop and I’ve bought it twice this year within the past 4 ish months.


Again, this is another product I don’t hear spoken about very often and this is the Lord and Berry Eyeliner in #111 Forever Black. This eyeliner is a little bit of a love / hate relationship because the formulation does become quite crusty almost after a while and doesn’t tend to stay as long. This retails for £15 and I got mine in a LoveMeBeauty subscription box!

That is everything for my daily makeup routine! this post was published earlier and I hadn’t even finished writing it so I do apologise for that!

Speak tomorrow for post 5!

~ Abi ♤♡

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