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Ariana’s new album came out a few days ago and to say I’m obsessed is an understatement. I have fallen head over heels for it! As soon as it came out I was writing a review for each song and writing down my thoughts.
I wrote my thoughts on a sticky note on my desktop, but I’m going to elaborate on those without rambling too much!

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1. imagine
Notes: Chill af, bop.
Review: When I first heard Imagine, I really did not warm to it as quickly as I thought I would. I listened to it a fair few times and the chorus had me hooked and didn’t leave my head for aaages! It was stuck in there for at least 3 days! A lot of websites and Twitter accounts reckon this song is somewhat dedicated to Mac Miller. He had a tattoo that said ‘Imagine’. Ari, however, clarified the song’s meaning in reply to a fan on Twitter and said: “Kind of like… pretending it never ended. Denial. But I look forward to you hearing it and having your own experience with it. You may take away something totally different and specific to your life! Love u.”
I also looove the little whistle notes in the song toward the ends. Old school Ari🙌

2. needy
Notes: hmmm, what does it mean?
Review: Hearing this song made me feel different things. I didn’t really grasp the meaning of the song. From what I have gathered, it’s about how Ari has had a bit of a rollercoaster in the past year and how up and down her life has been recently. Ari also said that she wrote this album during ‘the worst three weeks of her life’, which makes me think the song was based off how she needed company during that time and how longing she was for it. I really enjoyed it but it isn’t one of my favourites

Notes: Upbeat, fun, fricking awesome
Review: Genuine reaction to this song was YAASSSS. This is up there in the top 3 of my favourite songs on this album. It’s one of those songs that you’d expect to come on on a night out and have a good bop with your friends. After researching to find out Ari’s meaning behind the song, a lot of sources say that the lyrics are for those people who need a little more space in their relationships, which is such an important message! I also love the ‘One small step for woman, one giant leap for womankind’ at the start of the song. It’s so quirky and different and I think it’s probably one of the main reasons I love this song.

4. bloodline
Notes: the chorus is my fave, more singy than other songs and those high notes uhhm yes pls.
Review: I loved that we could hear Ari singing (obviously), but it sounded like how she sounds on the Dangerous Woman album which I loved. I love how catchy the chorus is, and the high whistly type notes just add to the song so much! Again it’s such a good song for a good dance. There’s also something about this song that gives me like 2010 Rhianna vibes? Not sure what it is just yet… I’ll let you know.

5. fake smile
Notes: intro is questionable, not one of my faves but gives a message about giving a fake smile is hard sometimes and not being okay sometimes is fine.
Review: Okay, so if you’ve listened to this album and especially this song, you probably also would have noticed the odd intro this song has. It gives 1950’s vibes and is just something you do not expect in any way for the start of an Ari song, but then again this album is full of quirky little intros.
I love the general message of this song. “I can’t fake a smile, I can’t fake like I’m alright” is such an important message. It doesn’t matter who you are and what state of fame you have, you can’t fake a smile if you don’t feel okay.
I also like the little speaking bridge sooo much! Again, it’s one of those songs you can have a good dance to and have blasting on a road trip with the windows down.

6. bad idea
Notes: BOP. a song you can have a good dance to, siiiiiing queen! odd few seconds of outro??
Review: Literally what my notes say! I love the entire song and the “Forget about it, yeah,
forget about him, yeah, forget about me.”, which is one of the catchiest parts of this song!! The middle of the song is a little strange because it goes from being a big hype of a song and something you can dance to, to being something you should have a slow dance to? It’s in the last minute or so, and then it goes back to being a bop. Wasn’t too sure how I felt about it but you do you Ari I love you 😂

7. make up
Notes:  YES. that’s it. just YES
Review: After listening to this song a second time I really don’t know if I like this song too much just because it doesn’t have the same sort of vibe? Considering I grew up watching Ariana on Victorious I wasn’t expecting the basis of this song to be about having sex to make up with someone. I’m not sure. Hmmm.

8. ghostin
Notes:  my heart oh my goodnessss. chill vibes, and very much like 2013 Ari vibes. super super sweet because of Mac oh my god. deffo a fave
Review: I’m gonna be straight up and honest and say this nearly had me in bits. This song is such a beautiful dedication to Mac. If you listen to the lyrics you’ll notice who Ariana is on about. A lot of people in the first few hours thought it was purely about Pete, or purely about Mac. Ari said the meaning behind ghostin was: “feeling badly for the person you’re with bc you love somebody else. feeling badly bc he can tell he can’t compare…. and how I should be ghosting him.”
Click Here to read in a little more depth about the potential meaning behind ghostin.

9. in my head
Notes: not what i was expecting for the intro
Review: This song had another of those quirky intro’s like I mentioned earlier! “The only person you can fix is yourself” which is so so true, and I absolutely stand by that statement! This song, however, doesn’t quite make it with my favourite songs from the album. For me, this is more a song I’d put on in the background. I also found the little “Skrrt skrrt” quite entertaining. Listen out for it!

10. 7 rings
Notes: skipped. honestly not a fan because kids are now gonna hear the tune and think of Ari and not Julie Andrews and that kinda kills me.
Review: I’m not gonna lie. This song when I first heard it was such a let-down. The fact that there are probably heaps of people who have never seen or heard of The Sound of Music who will now hear this melody and think of Ariana and now Julie Andrews sort of makes me sad.

11. thank u, next
Notes:  absolute bop. self-love, friends, being grateful. bloody awesome message throughout the song. also missing mac 🙁
Review: I looooved this when it first came out and I just love the message the entire song gives. Self-love, self-care and respect for yourself and knowing your worth! All of the topics addressed are so important and ones that I believe people need to remember much more often. I love it so much.

12. break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored
Notes: mixed opinions. chorus is a bop. would probably have to listen a few times before actually falling in love with the song
Review: I actually looked up a few things after listening to this song and seeing the music video. A lot of sources are saying that this song is purely about Ari looking for the girl. The girl representing Ariana herself. Click Here to read the post I got this information from.

I honestly loved this album so much and definitely recommend it to anyone who has been with Ariana over the past couple of years and seen the way she overcame various hiccups in the past. She’s a spectacular woman and it definitely reflected within this album.
What are your overall thoughts on Ariana’s new album? Were you a fan? What were your favourite songs? I’d love to know!

Until Next Time,
Abi xx




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