Taking + Developing Photographs With a Disposable Camera: My Experience!

Hello! Welcome back to the blog, and if you’re new here, welcome! My name is Abi, I’m 19 and I live in beautiful Brisbane, Australia!
I am now a qualified photographer, which is something I spoke about in my previous post. A couple of weeks ago, I asked on my Instagram if you wanted to hear about my experience of taking photographs with a disposable camera and getting them developed, and 81% of you said yes!
I initially fell in love with the idea of taking photographs with a disposable camera when I found Georgia Richards + Rachel Catherine‘s channels on YouTube and they use disposable cameras all the time! I had a little look around a few times for a reasonable camera before I went to the UK in December to visit family and friends. I actually found  a super cheap one for literally £5 in Asda and it did the job perfectly. (The one I have linked is slightly different to the one I got)

How Was the Overall Experience?
I genuinely enjoyed how easy it was to use the camera every time I wanted to bring it out with me where ever I was. I loved how 90s I felt if I’m honest! I also found that being able to wind the roll of film was so satisfying!
Something else I enjoyed was actually using film for the very first time! It was something that I have always wanted to use, and I didn’t feel quite comfortable just yet going out and buying a film camera as well as the film; I thought it was best to try a disposable camera first!

I honestly have so many positives but one of the only cons was realising when I got the photographs back that my finger or thumb was in front of the lens! I forgot how small the camera itself was, which really doesn’t leave you with much space to be able to hold it and look through the little viewfinder. That was something I made a few mistakes with, but either way I know for next time to constantly check and not take my chances.

Something else was the focus. As you can see in the image above of my dog Max, is that the focus isn’t wonderful. Due to the nature of this camera though, you’re never going to have a photograph like that perfectly in focus because it is out of your control. Make sure you’re able to see properly through the viewfinder and you may be able to see the focus a little better.

With this camera, I was able to receive the negatives which I absolutely LOVE! I was hoping they would be made available to me. Here’s how I got them!:


How My Photographs Were Developed:
Like anyone who owns a disposable camera in Australia, I took mine to KMart to make sure they were able to send my camera off to be developed. Thankfully there were no problems, and I handed it over.

I filled out a form with my name, address, and phone number, and then checked the box on the form to say I would like to receive the negatives directly from the company – who were based in Victoria. The negatives took about a week to come back and I had never held my own negatives before which I really loved! It was pretty tricky to see them properly and I honestly forgot what I actually took photographs of!

When my photographs came back, I was supposed to get a phone call from the KMart staff so I could go and pick them up and pay for them. However, the lady who took my details didn’t hear the last digit of my phone number and she left it off, so by the time I got to the store to ask about where my photographs were, they had already been there 5 days!
I paid for my photographs, (which was the cost of them being developed and sent off) and was pretty surprised when I was told it was $10! I was expecting that price to be much higher, but I’m super glad it was so cheap.

This is the camera that KMart have at the moment which I’m positive is their staple as I haven’t seen any other disposable ones other than this one. It also has 27 exposures, which I honestly am living for. The one that I got from Asda only had 16, so I’m glad these cameras have 11 more.

Would I do this again?
Absolutely! I hope to buy another disposable camera very soon and share the results on my Instagram or my photography Instagram in the next couple of months or so. For how affordable it was and especially the turn around time, I absolutely think it was worth it, and is a much cheaper alternative than going straight into film photography. If I were to have gone down that route, I image I would have had to go to a professional lab and pay another $30 – $50 to have the roll of film developed!

I hope you found this post useful! If you did, please consider sharing with friends or family who you think might find this post helpful too! Have you thought about giving a disposable camera a go?
Abi x
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