An Apology | Abi Says

Yesterday was to be perfectly honest, a complete and utter shambles. The weather here in Brisbane was absolutely horrid, and Christmas present shopping had to be done no matter what. My Dad and I headed out yesterday to our local shopping centre, and managed to get presents and essentials and we were out for at […]

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Online College: An Update | Abi Says

Hello everyone, It has been the most annoying week and its nice to sit down and have a chat about college. First I need to apologise for not uploading any posts due to my bloody laptop breaking on me! My dad had to completely re-build my laptop hence the lack of posts and I can’t […]

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Online College – The First 48 Hours | Abi Says

There are many misconceptions about studying online versus studying at a public state school, and people are called lazy and antisocial because they don’t go to a public school, but let me tell you, there are quite a few differences I’ve already noticed about studying online. October 31st saw the day I got enrolled into […]

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