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My Experience with Counselling | AbiSays

Good evening all. This is a slight spontaneous post and really unplanned. I decided to write about counselling and my experience with it to sort of get a point across that it isn’t always rays of sunshine and that it doesn’t necessarily help everyone. I started counselling about a month ago and decided to discharge […]

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My Mental Health and How I’m Feeling | #2

Hello everyone, welcome back Today I have decided to do another of these posts as it has been two months since I posted my last so I thought I’d give you an update of everything because quite a few things have changed. In my last mental health post I mentioned my struggle with maths and […]

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Misuse of Feeling Anxious

Hello everyone welcome back to my “new” blog. I say “blog” because my dad has helped me convert this site to a self hosted site. I am now abisays.co.uk and I’m very happy to be back blogging. Tonight’s post is however going to be a little serious than normal. The past few weeks with college […]

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