Where Have I Been? | AbiSays

Hello everyone,

Its been a while! A month in fact… Oops

I have been so so busy the past month with coursework for college but I have finally been signed off meaning I have so much more time to be able to dedicate towards not only my blog, but to my YouTube channel too. I am really looking forward to getting back into blogging and vlogging especially over the next month as I embark on a journey to Australia with my family.

Everything has been so very mish mash that its even been hard for me to keep up with myself but I am hoping to delve back into my two platforms as soon as possible. If you don’t follow me over on my YouTube channel, I’d really appreciate if you guys subscribed. You can click here to find it and see the mayhem which I call my life!

I have been really inspired by so many YouTubers recently, especially vloggers such as Zoe, Molly, and Ebony and have just been given that motivation I needed to get back into the swing of things.

I really hope to see you over here on my blog but also on my channel too. There will be vlogs hopefully going up all through July so i am very excited for the next month!

I do apologise for not being able to come over here and talk to you guys for such a long time but I really appreciate the patience! (There are now 94 of you, which I think is absolutely insane!)

Until next time,

~ Abi x

A Letter To My College Friends – 20/11/16

Dear friends,

Its currently midnight and instead of sleeping, I’m writing this…. whilst listening to a sad playlist on Spotify… Oops

I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for each and every one of you.

Before college, high school life was shit. (We are yet to have a heart to heart about this) High school was full of bullshit, liars, arguments and two faced people. The environment is different in college… from the tutors to the students to the layout of the college altogether.

The thing that stands out however, is the attitude and ways of the people around me who alter my day to day life…

Without any of you I’d probably be alone (as sad as it sounds) and feeling lost. You all know I have a few other friends in the college from my high school and don’t get me wrong, they’re great and supportive every step of the way. Coming into the MPJ course has seriously had an impact on me and the person I am.

I’m really not sure what else to say.

Thank you for everything you’ve all done for me the past couple of months, and thank you for an amazing friendship I’ll be able to forever cherish. Thank you for contributing to who I am now. Thank you for all attempting to cheer me up when I’m feeling down and crappy.

Time is a crazy thing and will always continue to baffle me.

You’re all amazing people. Lots of love ♡

~ Abi 

(I’ll probably also get in trouble for not mentioning Craig & Joe – so thank you both for believing in all of us.)

First Week of College | My Experience


Monday 5th September was my first day at college. By college I mean the next level up from high school – not university for all you Americans. I’m studying Creative Media & Journalism at my college and so far – it’s great.

My day didn’t really go to plan at first as I got to my bus stop and the bus didn’t turn up. I was expecting it to be late but it just did not turn up therefore I panicked a bit so thankfully my dad was able to take me.

Walking into the college I was greeted by a handful of lovely people who were in the college. Making my way down to my class, there’s a Costa which I’m so happy about?.

The typical college starters are ice breakers which are what we spent the majority of our time doing over the course of Monday and Tuesday. I hate ice breakers with a passion and I find them incredibly boring and long-winded. I’m only in college for 4 days, 2 of which are short days meaning I finish at 2.15 which is an absolute life saver. I also get Fridays off which I love.

Wednesday and Thursday were when we started really getting into our coursework and making our way through it. We had different assignments to do with photography which I’m okay with because it involves research.

The whole of the first week was more to do with getting to know the people on my course and making new friends. Unfortunately last week wasn’t my best week due to just really not getting on with the people who sat around me. There are 3 people who I really do get on with now and they’re absolutely lovely.

If anyone has any questions about college and getting started, let me know! I want to blog at least 4 times a week so get ready for a post tomorrow.


-Abi xo


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