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What do I Post?!| Abi Says

Writers block is the worst. What do I write about? What do people like reading about? I’m trying to get some ideas flowing. I had so many last week and now I’ve just had this massive mind blank and I honestly can’t remember the ideas I had! I’ve had a moment recently where I’ve been […]

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A Little Chat / Late September Favourites | Abi Says

There’s something about blogging that just seems so therapeutic and easy to do. You set up your blog, and you begin posting and decide to set up a schedule. The schedule seems a good idea until it actually comes round to it and you have to stick to it! My schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday […]

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One of Those Days | AbiSays

Hello everyone, Today has very much been my definition of a typical summer day for me. I have quite literally spent the day moping about the house rather than being out and about, which don’t get me wrong is actually fairly crap but the past few weeks I have been up and out and getting […]

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