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Zoe’s Advent Calendar | My Thoughts | Abi Says

There’s been a pretty big outrage and speculation about Zoe’s new advent calendar (Zoella). Zoe addressed in her recent vlog that she has no control over the pricing once it gets to the retailer. If you don’t know what I’m talking about Zoella brought out a Christmas Advent Calendar this year as part of her […]

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How Much Is My Face Worth?! | Abi Says

Hello everyone! Welcome back! Its been so long since I last wrote anything on here and I feel absolutely awful about it! I’ve been so so busy because my family and I moved Down Under to the beautiful Brisbane and we’ve actually been here 5 days already (me and my mum) but my dad has […]

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My Favourite Foundations | Blogmas Day 9

Hello all welcome back, Today  I’m going to do a post I said i would do a few days ago, and that is my favourite foundations. At the moment, my phone camera is broken and still needs repairing but I will credit everyone for the pictures. My first two favourites are from Rimmel. Rimmel Lasting […]

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