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I’ve Been Bad at Reading | Abi Says

Its exactly what the title suggests. I’ve been so bad at reading this month its unreal. I made it my goal at the start of November, end of October to read more and I wanted to read 3 books all in one month. It didn’t happen and I’m so annoyed at myself for not managing […]

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To Be Read: October / November | Abi Says

I’ve discovered these kinds of posts recently and absolutely love the concept of them. I’ve been reading other people’s blogs and watching vlogs and wanting to discover new books I’d be interested in. I’ve been obsessed with watching GoWithFlick (Felicity) on YouTube, because of her book related videos, so she has driven the inspiration for […]

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Books I’ve Read In the Past Few Months | Blogmas Day 23

Hey everyone, welcome back. This post is so so late!! I’ve been busy all day doing a Secret Santa with my friends and spending time with them all day. I then got my phone camera fixed but I’m finally sat down at 8.30 writing this for you! Let’s start! I’m actually genuinely happy with the […]

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