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I’ve discovered these kinds of posts recently and absolutely love the concept of them. I’ve been reading other people’s blogs and watching vlogs and wanting to discover new books I’d be interested in. I’ve been obsessed with watching GoWithFlick (Felicity) on YouTube, because of her book related videos, so she has driven the inspiration for this post.

Book 1: Liars and Saints by Maile Meloy


This is a book I have been working my way through recently, and thought I’d mention it here anyway. The next two books as well as this one were purchased from a charity shop I visited with my lovely friend Zara back in the UK. They had an offer where you could choose 3 paperback books for £1, which was the most amazing thing I had seen ever for books, so I jumped straight in and actually found this one first.

This book had an intriguing blurb for me to read, which is basically about a woman named Yvette Santerre who lives in California with her husband Teddy, and her two daughters Clarissa, and Margot. Whilst Teddy was away at war, Yvette was on the beach with her two daughters when a photographer approached them and asked if they’d like a family picture, to which Yvette said yes. The photograph was taken at Yvette’s house, and the line that really got my attention is “The last thing she expected was that he would try to kiss her. But that kiss will haunt her family for generations.”

I thought this was a bit of a different read for me, and a book with a photography aspect in the blurb makes it appeal even more.

Book 2: Dinner for Two by Mike Gayle


This book appealed to me, simply by the front cover because of it being so eye catching, but I also read the blurb. This book is about a music journalist named David Harding who has a nice flat and a ‘cushy’ (word used by the author – i like it) job and freedom from having to book a baby sitter when he wants to go to dinner with his partner Izzy.

“Except Dave’s biological clock has started ticking.” This was a line that caught me, but it says that he works for a news paper that seems to have suddenly shut down, events are set in motion for him and it will ‘give birth to a whole new set of problems’.

This blurb caught my attention for the fact he’s a music journalist, but also the use of biological at the bottom of the blurb was really quite interesting and makes me want to read the book even more.

Book 3: Unknown by Didier Van Cauwelaert


This book caught my eye with the use of unknown. I love mysterious titles and this one screamed out to me. I realised it has been turned into a film, which I haven’t seen, but I’ll read the book and then decide on whether to watch the film.

The book is about a man named Martin Harris who comes home after spending three days in a coma and he finds his wife doesn’t recognise him and another man is living under his name.

This book seems to be about identity theft and an impostor, which I always think is an interesting subject to write about and create a story around.

These are the three books I have decided to set myself the challenge of from now (18th October) to the 18th of November. And if I finish them all before then, then even better and I can settle on finding some new books to have a read of!

Until next time,

Abi xx

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Books I’ve Read In the Past Few Months | Blogmas Day 23

Hey everyone, welcome back.

This post is so so late!! I’ve been busy all day doing a Secret Santa with my friends and spending time with them all day. I then got my phone camera fixed but I’m finally sat down at 8.30 writing this for you!

Let’s start!

I’m actually genuinely happy with the amount of books I’ve managed to read this month. The first is Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg.

I absolutely loved this book and managed to finish it within three days. I love books which see written in a dairy form, I just find them much more interesting to read. In this book, we meet Penny once again with her rock star boyfriend Noah who, of course goes on tour and takes Penny along with him. I’m still yet to read Going Solo, but I’ve heard it’s amazing and follows Penny and Noah perfectly again.

Book 2

Book number two is Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by J.K Rowling. I again managed to read this book in the space of 2 – 3 days purely because of the fact it was a brand new book to hit my collection as I had bought a new copy in the Harry Potter World Shop, and I read it on the train back home and loved every chapter as thoroughly as the film. This of course follows Harry Potter in his first year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as well as his two friends Ron and Hermonie.

Book 3

Lee Evans: The Life of Lee.

As I said about Girl Online, I love books written in a dairy form, or written by the author themselves. In this book you follow the journey of Lee Evans and how he grew up and what his school and home life were like before fame. This book only follows him up to around when he was mid 20s, and this book leaves you on and cliffhanger at the end. (I won’t spoil it)

Book 4

The Night That Changed Everything by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice.

This book is one of my all time favourites and the story follows the relationship of Rebecca and Ben who are my ultimate goals in all honesty. The book is purely focused on one night which changed absolutely everything between Ben & Rebecca and the whole story is such a roller coaster which I absolutely love! It’s such an interesting read and I’d recommend it to people aged 15 and over!

Again, I’m so sorry this post is so so late. I will upload the featured image tomorrow so the post doesn’t look as boring, and I’ll be back tomorrow with another post.

Till next time,


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