November Bujo Plan With Me: Bujo #2 | Abi Says

How has the year gone by so fast?! I’m honestly trying to get my head around it, but October was definitely that month that was there one second and gone the next.

I’ve attempted a different colour scheme and hopefully a tidy and neater way to approach my bullet journal this month. Last month didn’t really end up working out for me as I started it on the 13th, meaning it was already half way through the month by the time i managed to start.

My bullet journal is still the same sketchbook I got from Officeworks last month, and I hopefully want to order the Leuchtturm 1917 ready for when my notebook runs out of space.

November Title Page.jpg

This month I’ve gone for a purple and orange theme with triangles. I saw someone’s bullet journal on Pinterest where they went with a geometric vibe, and I quite liked it. I kept this title page pretty boring and basic, but I like it.

Sleep Tracker and Month at a Glance.jpg

Next is my month at a glance and my sleep tracker. The sleep tracker was something that worked really well last month when I started doing this.

Sleep Tracker Up Close.jpg

(apologies for this being the wrong way!)

As I have no idea what time my body finally shuts down for the day and goes to sleep, I’ve been wearing my Fitbit which tracks my sleep. It’s not entirely accurate but it works and gives a good idea of how much I managed to sleep. I’ll be using the same colour scheme for the amount of hours I get every night as i did last month.

Yellow – 6 hours

Red – 7 hours

Orange – 8 hours

Green – 9 hours

Looking back on last month’s sleep tracker, the boxes I made looked messy and just generally not nice to look at, so to use this triangle method I think will be interesting.

Water Tracker.jpg

Next is my water tracker. Again, last month’s grid method wasn’t the best way to track this but it looks a lot tidier than the sleep tracker. I forgot to mention that on the sleep tracker page there are 30 triangles, which represent every day of the month. I didn’t really think triangles would coincide with water, so I decided to use the same concept and use water droplets.

Again, I have a colour coding method which I have since changed because I’ve based my measurements off the water bottle I have, (I bought a new one, the one mentioned last month broke on me)  and the measurements for that as well as the glasses we have. I have changed the orange colour to be 300ML, the purple to 600ML, and the light blue box has stayed the same. This means I ideally want to be drinking two of the glasses which are 300ML each, and a litre of water which is the measurement of my bottle.

Blog Tracker.jpg

Next up, I have my blog tracker. I loved using this last month and I can’t wait to look at my monthly stats tomorrow. I’m hoping the numbers are decent because since I got back into my blog I’ve had views every single day which makes me so happy.

The grid system on the left hand side worked a treat last month. This month I’ve put in 13 different slots. I’ve decided to now post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only, as posting on Sundays or every other Sunday will be a handful! Thankfully I’ve got plenty of ideas and I’m so excited to get started in November.

I’ve also included the notes section at the top – one of which being my goals for the month which you’ll notice is I’d love to hit 150 followers by the end of the month. Which brings me to my next quick point which is I just would like to thank everyone for following my blog recently because we have just hit 100 followers! So thank you all very very much for the support 🙂

Mood & Habit Tracker.jpg

The next spread includes my habit tracker which I’m currently trying to find a new set up for, because I used another grid method last month and I just didn’t love it, so I’m trying to find a new method for this month.

Next we have the mood tracker using the 30 triangles and colouring them in method. Using the same colour scheme as last month again…

Pink – Meh / okay

Light Blue – Average

Dark Blue – Tired

Purple – Excited

Orange – Happy

Last month I used a method my lovely friend Rachel uses, which is almost like a Tetris style. This didn’t really work for me, so i’m hoping the triangle method can work for me better. It didn’t necessarily work for me, its more to the point I was hopeless at remembering to fill my journal out daily! More on that in a bit….

Meal Tracker.jpg

Here we have the next spread which is my meal tracker. Its pretty simple and self explanatory, but on the left hand column is the day, and the right hand column is the rating my family and I gave the meal overall. In the middle is where I will write the name of the meal. This worked so well last month, and we’ve been able to look back on the meals we’ve had this month and not feel too guilty about them.

On the left hand page you’ll notice its blank, and this is because I want to do a doodle relating to the month of November. Despite living in Australia now, I still want to be patriotic and do a little doodle for Bonfire Night, and keep it a wintry / autumn themed page. Its strange being in Australia and it being Spring in November, so I want to add that homely feel of Autumn again.

Youtube Tracker.jpg

The next spread is my Youtube tracker, which I won’t lie I absolutely love. I’m so excited to see where I can take my channel in November, which you can subscribe to here if you didn’t know I had a channel! I’ve included boxes such as the revenue box as my estimated revenue isn’t massive, but its purely a box thats there for experimental reasons.

This is a spread I didn’t include in October as I really didn’t upload much at all, and being perfectly honest I just didn’t think it was necessary.

Instagram Tracker.jpg

My final tracker is my Instagram tracker, which was one I had put many many question marks around, as I really wasn’t sure how I could interpret this tracker for looking at how my instagram had performed .

There are literally three different categories which include my monthly likes, follows, and my follower count on December 1st.


…And that is everything I have to show you for this month! I hope that this month goes much better than last month did, and I manage to fill everything out daily! I’ll be setting an alarm for about 9pm every night for me to remember to fill my journal in, because I really am that forgetful.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post, I definitely have enjoyed writing it.

Do you have a bullet journal? Whats your theme for this month? Let me know, lets have a chat.

Until next time,

Abi xx


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The Liebster Award 2.0 | Abi Says

Since starting blogging, I have had a few people nominate me for this award, and I am forever grateful. I was nominated by someone who I consider a lovely girl, and a blogging & internet friend. She’s been mentioned in a few of my posts, so a massive thank you to Rachel from sittingintheclouds 


Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their post.
> Answer the 11 questions they asked you.
> Nominate 11 other bloggers, with your own set of 11 questions. (This may be tricky because I will probably struggle with both of these aspects, but I will try my very best)
> Tag your chosen 11 bloggers, and don’t forget to tell them as well

Q U E S T I O N S (from Rachel)

1 | Sun or Rain?

Has to be sun, it makes sense for me to prefer sun! I live in Australia so if I didn’t like the sun I’d have a little bit of a problem!

2 | Twitter or Instagram?

I looked at these questions this morning and I have Instagram on my hot bar on my phone. I’ve been absolutely addicted to it recently, and think its a social media where I don’t feel bombarded with people’s personal lives. Instead, I get to see their lives through photographs, rather than statuses that mostly rant!

3 | Single or Double Bed?

I recently got my very first double bed and I am absolutely in love. I had a single bed in the UK for 17 years, and I needed the space for my ability to simply become a starfish in the night and move as much as possible without falling out of bed in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning

4 | Paper or Electronic Planning?

I have recently started a bullet journal, (if you didn’t see my post for my plan with me, click here) and it has been the most helpful thing for planning blog posts, and Youtube ideas, and jotting down quick notes I needed to remember. I much prefer to physically write than have notes stored in a calendar on my phone

5 | Your biggest fear?

I haven’t ever told someone I fear anything. Honestly off the top of my head if there is something I fear, its losing the people I have around me. (Deep I know) But I don’t mean them all dying, I mean them just blanking and blocking me out of their lives. Thats something that I fear. I can’t be the only one right?

6 | One thing you want to achieve in the next year?

I feel like this might be a stereotypical answer for some, but I really want to learn to drive. I started lessons in the UK but never got round to having many of them as I had to save for various things, like friend’s birthdays, and putting money into my savings so I had money for emergencies and things I really wanted to save up for.

7 | Morning Person or Night Owl?

I have recently become a massive morning person. During the time of my GCSE’s, I couldn’t sleep until at least 3 / 4 in the morning, and this was a sleeping pattern I had from the age of about 14 – 16, so a very long time of being a night owl. Since starting college the past year, and moving to a new environment, I have absolutely loved starting my day early (usually half 8 / 9am) and being productive and pro-active. I can never sleep past 10am, and if I do I must have been pretty tired the previous night.

8 | iPhone X (10) too expensive?

I began my love for iPhone & Apple products back in 2014, where I had an iPhone 4S for 2 years. Back then I believe this phone was so so cheap and affordable. However, this new iPhone X is absolutely ridiculous for the price. Ever since Apple created the iPhone 6, 6S, and 6 Plus, I said to everyone I knew that Apple need to stop creating products and stop before no one can fit their phone in their pocket. For the price the iPhone X is being sold for, you could buy a perfectly could Macbook and have it do all the same features. So to answer this question, (sorry for the ramble) yes I do think the iPhone X is far too expensive.

9 | Favourite song right now?

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat and non stop, and its Go Your Own Way, by Fleetwood Mac. It reminds me of the leaving party my family and I had before we flew out here, and it reminds me of some very close & special friends who are very important to me. This song brings me many memories every time I listen and it will never get old!

10 | Do you have a fur friend? Tell me about them

By this question, I assume this is relating to a pet, so if so, then yes! His name is Max and he is a Lhasa Apso. He’s 2 years and 3 months old next week, and he’s such a character. He falls asleep wherever he pleases in which ever position he chooses. (His ancestors were guard dogs, but he’s really no where near a guard dog!)


(@abimossphotography – insta)

11 | Favourite blog post to read? (lists, tips, beauty, ootds, makeup looks, personal etc)

I have loved reading lifestyle related posts such as personal things (not to sound nosy) but I like to know how people are doing in their different job fields, or their mental health, or if they have taken it upon them and moved to a different country like I have!

I love reading  bullet journal posts too, I think they’re so inspiring and something for me to bare in mind for the next time I do my monthly plan with me. I also like tips to do with beauty, blogging, youtube, and all sorts! Any tip is useful to me!


My Nominees –

  1. Rachel from Sittingintheclouds (Will never stop reading her posts!)
  2. Rachel from Helpless Whilst Drying
  3. Erin Angela from Glitter & Mojitos
  4. Sophia Lo from Sophialolifestyle
  5. Robyn from Robyn Poppy
  6. Bryony from bbbryony

These girls all deserve the love and support they receive through their hard workings of their blogs, they’re all amazing at what they do, and I highly recommend you go follow them all.

My Questions

1 | If you could travel to one place, where would you go?

2 | What would be your ideal career path?

3 | Where do you think you’ll be 5 years from now?

4 | What kind of blog posts do you regularly like to read?

5 | Have you ever been abroad?

6 | Do you have a pet?

7 | If you had to, which social media would you delete?

8 | What’s your favourite book series?

9 | Who’s your favourite Youtuber?

10 | If you could be in any movie, which one would you choose? Why?

11| Who is the biggest role model in your life?

Hoping next time I’ll have more bloggers to nominate, leave yours below! I’d love to check them out! Again, I want to say thank you to Rachel for nominating me and being lovely & supportive as always, and I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Until next time,

Abi xx

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October Plan With Me: Bujo #1 | Abi Says

Hello everyone, welcome back.

Today I have decided to finally delve into the world of bullet journaling, and already I love it. I thought a plan with me would be an interesting post as I absolutely love these posts and quite a few of the bloggers and Youtubers I follow use them and really make good use of them.



My very first page was very exciting as I wanted this to resemble the rest of the year for me. If you didn’t know, I now live in Australia which is the most insane thing that could have happened to me! I based my first page off the coming months which for me are Spring & Summer. (we’re currently in Spring) As you can see there are a couple of suns and moons and an ice cream. At the top is a bunting idea I got from Google images, (thanks google) and a few clouds dotted around too. I used bright colours for this as it just really makes me happy to look at.


Here is my next page, which is my year at a glance. As there are only a few months left of this year, I decided to only include October, November and December in this spread as when it comes to January I’ll do another spread for the new year.

There’s a tiny little caption at the right hand side of the december calendar which says ‘I’m aware of how awful this is’, and this is purely for the fact I ended up drawing the December calendar about 2 times bigger than October and November… oops!

I have then done a little notes section at the bottom of the page as well as a colour code on the side of the page too which explains what each colour represents.

I’m not a big fan of my year at a glance page as the calendars were difficult to draw, but they’ll do for now.


I have then done a page for my October trackers! On this page I have colour coordinated certain things for each tracker. For now, I only wanted my water and sleep trackers on this page, because I’m the worst at remembering I need to drink, and for some reason I just don’t sleep.

The first tracker is my sleep tracker, which I’ve colour coordinated:

Yellow – 6 hours

Red – 7 hours

Orange – 8 hours

I usually tend to get about 7 and a half hours sleep to 8 hours sleep a night at the moment, so I’ll keep track of the rest of the month and see how i go.

The next tracker is my water tracker, which I absolutely love the idea of. I’ve seen many people use this idea and thought why the heck not.

The first little bar you see, is for the overall amount of water I drink that day, so at the end of the day I’ll colour in how much I’ve managed to drink that day in the colour coordinated.

Pink – 250ml

Yellow – 500ml

Green – 750ml

Orange – Litre

The current water bottle I’m using is a 500ml bottle (although amazon thinks different) , and is great for keeping with me and taking it to different places. Its by Sistema – click here to find it. It also comes with a little strainer sort of thing, which I haven’t really used but I think the idea is you put the fruit in the little strainer which nestles nicely at the top. I bought mine for about $5 at Woolworths.


The box below the bar is a tally / check list for when I’ve finsihed a certain amount of water. Today I’ve had 500ml at the time I’m writing this and I’m making my way through my second 500ml right now.

Finally at the bottom of that page is the average for the month where I look at my results and see which tracker I’m getting more of each day & night.

IMG_0723.JPGNext is this lovely quote by Walt Disney :

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

I found this quote on Google and have loved it for the longest time; I just think its so true and powerful.


The final spread is my blog tracker.

I have taken this idea from my lovely friend Rachel and it works really well for me, as the other ideas I have seen haven’t really taken my fancy.

On this page I have the days of the month down the left hand side in one column and then down the right hand side of the same column are the days of the week.

In the main block next to the days I have the blog post I’m posting that day. The pink squiggle is purely just to separate the different blog posts to make them clearer for me to see. IMG_0726.JPG This is the next page of the spread which has the notes and my stats for that month. Again this is included in the idea I took from Rachel, and of course have given her full credit for it. This is possibly my next favourite spread following my tracker page. Everything is just really clear for me to see and look at and write down on that page.


Here’s a better picture.


And that is my bullet journal for now for the month (or whats left of it) of October! I really hope this post was interesting for people, and do leave a like and comment if you’re wanting to see how I get on at the end of this months journal.

I really do hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you next time.

Abi xx

(please go follow rachel she’s so close to 1,000 followers!)

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YouTube vs Blogging | AbiSays

Hey everyone, welcome back.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the differences I’ve noticed between blogging and creating YouTube videos, and people think the difference in the amount of work put into the two of them is different, when in all reality, they are incredibly similar.

It is now coming up to almost a year when I posted my first blog post. This post was about my daily makeup routine, which I titled ‘The Daily Face – 29th April’ (click to read) . I loved that post as did a lot of people, so I was motivated to start blogging again properly. However, because of exams, I couldn’t stick to it which was honestly something I regret because I love writing about things I love or have strong opinions of.

Looking back on my YouTube life, I had been creating videos since at least 2011 / 2012 and I had started with a few collab channels, and a few joint channels with friends until deciding to launch my own channel which started as FloralLegacy, then LowDefintion, until I finally decided on AbiSays. My first video was posted on the same day I started my channel which was May 1st 2014. The first video I posted was ‘The Cup Song’ and this got about 5,000 views in about a month which I was incredibly happy with. I didn’t actually like the video because you could hear me mess up and hear family in the background so I took it down, but after that month of posting the first video, I had already managed to bag myself around 100 subscribers.
Starting out with YouTube is so much harder I think than starting up a blog, especially today. Today there are a lot of younger teenagers and people wanting to start YouTube and they’re all heading down the same route. Beauty.

When I say I think starting YouTube is harder than starting blogging, I think people are trying to get their videos out there but because of the amount of people and competition of new YouTubers, people’s videos and content isn’t being seen and they aren’t getting the audience and feedback as easy as they  used to be able.

In all honesty, I thought it was going to be hard to set up a blog and try and gain viewers / readers to my blog, but its honestly so much easier than what I thought and people like you my readers are seeing my content and I have gained followers much faster than what I thought I would.

Despite having my channel for almost 3 years, subscribers just don’t appear despite how much effort I put into editing and uploading and filming my videos. For me this is mainly the reason I came to blogging. I’m purely going to use my channel for my own use now of uploading small videos that are like vlogs or just little segments of my day like the ‘My Day in 48.5 Seconds’ videos. 

When it comes to the effort of uploading a blog post, you have to think of your ideas and generate them and try and think of something people haven’t read before or seen in a while. As well as that, you also have the featured image which is optional. You have to make this featured image look attractive to drag viewers and readers to your content on your blog, very much like a YouTube thumbnail. 

My point of this post is that blogging and youtube are very similar and if you want to start on one of these platforms, I would suggest starting are blog first. Readers come much faster than subscribers and viewers. – but that’s just my opinion.

I apologise for not uploading in such aren’t long time, but I’ll be back and trying to upload a post 3 times a week, which might be a challenge but I’m not going to know if I don’t try.
Until next time, 


Products I Have Tried That Haven’t Worked For Me | Blogmas Day 20

Hello everyone welcome back,

Today I have a short post about products I have purchased which really haven’t worked well for me. I have one product for everything so we’ll start with face primers.

The first product is the Maybelline Baby Pore Eraser Primer. This product was ÂŁ7.99 from Superdrug (Click here) and this primer for me is so greasy and really doesn’t contribute to keeping your makeup on all day because it genuinely makes my makeup slide off my face. After applying the primer my face feels greasy and really doesn’t feel nice at all. I wouldn’t recommend this primer as it was so hyped about on Youtube but it really isn’t worth the hype for me.

The second product is the Rimmel BB Cream. (Click here) This was ÂŁ6.99 from Superdrug. My first point is that the colour range is awful and really doesn’t offer much for the skin. I know BB creams are supposed to be light coverage for your face, but the shade I got (I can’t remember what it was because I threw it out because it just didn’t work) was really bad. At first, the colour matched me but soon after it began to turn more and more orange and just didn’t suit my skin at all. The formula began to turn quite watery and I just hated the product even more. It might just have been mine, but I really disliked this product.

The next product is the MUA Hide & Conceal Concealer. This was ÂŁ1 and it was the stick formulation. I didn’t like this because stick concealers anyway for me are really cakey and everything cakes up on my skin and this is something I really don’t like because it looks like I’m really crap at makeup when in all honesty I don’t think I’m that bad at it! (Loads of people are better than me obviously). For ÂŁ1 I really don’t think its worth getting this product.

Fortunately, I haven’t found a blush, bronzer or highlight that hasn’t worked for me but I have found an eyebrow product I don’t like which is the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil which is generally quite chalky and the pencil is either too chunky or too thin. I bought mine in the shade 004 Black / Brown because it was the closest colour to my hair colour. Click here to find it. Some people might like it but I just don’t. the only good thing about this product is the price because they’re only ÂŁ2.99 on the Superdrug site.


Those are all the products I have to talk about today. Let me know some products you have tried which haven’t worked out for you.
Thank you very much for reading and we have hit 80 followers so thank you all for following, reading and liking and commenting!

Till next time,

~Abi <3

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