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Hello everyone,

Today has very much been my definition of a typical summer day for me. I have quite literally spent the day moping about the house rather than being out and about, which don’t get me wrong is actually fairly crap but the past few weeks I have been up and out and getting out of the house trying to find places to adventure to and explore.

Recently, I’ve just not had anywhere to go as a whole. I know places I can go but everywhere in these towns or cities or villages I have managed to explore the majority of already.

I spent the last three weeks maybe? going to and from my local city – Chester. With friends I have already there, I have managed to find new places I didn’t know about which was fun at the time; its just now looking back I couldn’t go back to these places and not find anything new or interesting because my friends quite literally show me every nook and cranny in these places.

I’ve also had some of those really chill days moping about in my own house and in other people’s houses which have again, been lovely and sometimes I much prefer these days to those days where you spend the whole entire day walking about and getting your step count up.

Today has been a day of sitting in, messing about with makeup, planning a couple of blog posts and I actually managed to film two videos today, so I’m quite happy. I’ve also been vlogging but because I’ve not been doing anything, there’s nothing for me to actually put together for a vlog, which is defeating the object completely of creating a vlog.

I am very tired though purely because of the fact since breaking up from college, my s,eep pattern has been completely and utterly destroyed. (also the fact my body just can’t stay asleep) I’ve been falling asleep at the most stupid times of the night. Last week I had the full week of not falling asleep until half 3 in the morning and its starting to kinda effect me during the day now. My sleeping is completely and utterly ruined, so if anyone has any ideas of how I can get to sleep at a reasonable time and train my body back into a sleeping pattern, please let me know!

I’m going to go and post this blog and then create the thumbnail, and hopefully get these two videos edited as well as writing another post. Wish me luck!

Until next time,

~Abi <3


An Interview With Lush Leah! | Blogmas Day 10

Hello everyone welcome back!

Today I had the pleasure to interview Leah from the YouTube channel lush leah and Instagram account lush_leah.x which you can go to by clicking on the links!

This is a different sort of post but I really hope you enjoy!

Talk me (and my readers) through your YouTube career. How did lush leah begin?

Leah – Well I started with Instagram about 4 years ago! I realised I was doing pretty well with it and since videos were only 15 seconds, I felt that YouTube was the perfect way to express my opinions and my love for makeup in more detail! It was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made with this whole social media portion of my life, I enjoy it so much!

That’s a really good idea! I probably would have done the same! Did you find your audience built gradually or did you find yourself with quite a few subscribers quite quickly?

I did gain really quickly to begin with, however since I’ve started, its been more gradual. After almost 2 years, I’m 38,700!!

That’s an incredible amount of subscribers. Did you find it was overwhelming to have such a fast following?

Yeah of course! I didn’t expect that outcome at all. If you watch my first video, I literally said I’d love to gain 200 subs(cribers) by June, which was 4 months from there I was on like 2,000!

Its insane how fast accounts grow on YouTube now and within different audiences, there’s a lot of controversy of how youtubers are in front of the camera versus how they are in real life. Do you think audiences are sometimes a bit too judgemental on a person who takes the time to sit in front of the camera?

Yeah certainly! Obviously, everyone is slightly different on camera but it’s good to stay as true to who you really are on camera, which sounds really cheesy but that’s what people like! But, you don’t know everything about the youtuber, so its unfair to judge them from their videos.

I definitely agree. Through your different social media, you have over 130,000 followers from your channel, Instagram and Snapchat and you manage to engage with them so well. Do you ever find yourself struggling to cope with this amount of people to entertain and keep your statistics maintained?

I feel like you have to balance what you want to post and what your audience wants to see. Obviously you have to keep the audience entertained – which is really hard when there’s so many people to please! But I do try to interact with everyone and get suggestions.

I love how interactive you are over Snapchat too, I loved your makeup spam this morning! 🙂 And finally… What are YouTube events like? Have you ever been to events such as Summer In The City and do you go plan to go to many more throughout the UK?

Awh thank you, I try to do them as often as possible! I’ve been to beautycon, a L’Oreal Hair event and a Lush event! They’re all so fun to meet with youtubers and get to see exciting new products! ! I’m hoping to go to Summer In The City and many others next year!


So everyone, that concludes my interview with Leah! Her new video went live today and you can click here to find it – Christmas JewelCandle Haul + Giveaway

Leah’s Channel – lush leah

Instagram – @lush_leah.x

Snapchat – lush_leahx


Thank you all so much for reading and let me know if you enjoyed this post!

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Anxiety | My Experiences & Advice. | Pt 2

Hello everyone, 

Continuing my last post which you can find here.

Last night I spoke of my experiences with anxiety. I’ve decided to leave one experience which is again really rotated around generalised anxiety. This experience was my first one with social anxiety. 

A few weeks ago I went to London with my family. (I suppose you can see where this is going) As we were about half an hour from the city, we had to travel on trains and tubes on the underground. I was fine for the first 2 days but as we got to the 3rd day, London was so ridiculously busy that I couldn’t hold it together in the masses and masses of people. Again, my breath seemed harder to obtain and my chest became tight and the tears burst through. 

I can’t even begin to stress how much it freaked me out. Thankfully, my mum caught on and helped me slow down my breathing. If this ever happens to anyone of you, please please ask a friend to help you catch your breath or to help you slow it down so you can follow their breathing. This really helped me out and I definitely recommend you do this too. 

My Advice

Something I have held off for a very long time is going to visit a GP or doctor. As soon as you think something is wrong, please go and see someone or talk to someone about it. I have people I can talk to this matter about and they’ve been absolutely brilliant to help me out in the times I’ve wanted to research what was really happening. 

Here I have a link to G.A.D – click here . I haven’t managed to find one for social but as soon as I find one I will be sure to let you all know. 

My next piece of advice is letting your friends know but keeping it quiet. There have been times where I have let things get out of hand with me talking about it to my friends. I recommend only telling friends you feel comfortable with them knowing. Also, explain a little how you’re feeling and if you have been to the doctors and they’ve told you what you’re dealing with, explain it to your friends but maybe only mention it once. 

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. It can be about anything and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

Thank you for reading! Have a lovely day :’)

~Abi ❤️

Anxiety | My Experiences & Advice

Hello all, 

Recently a lovely reader contacted me and asked for some advice and what my experiences had been with anxiety. Therefore, I decided it was only right to write about it and tell you guys my experiences and also make some points too.

So many people who haven’t actually experienced anxiety have assumed you’re nervous and scared about many things but there’s so much more to just that.  There are different forms of anxiety – such as generalised anxiety disorder, (or G.A.D for short) or social anxiety and many other forms people don’t research into.

My Experiences

So what have my experiences been? I’ll tell you how I believe my anxiety began to spring up and how I thought I knew something was wrong.

In 2009 (when I was 9 years old) I went on a family holiday to Centre Parks. It was of course a brilliant holiday for me and my family. However, on the way home from the holiday we were involved in a car crash. I remember almost all of it and the trip in the ambulance to the hospital. This was the first situation I found myself feeling anxious about car journeys- especially long ones. In fact, I’m in the car right now writing this and I’m still looking up every now and then to check we won’t crash. 

Since then I have been anxious about being in the car and as I said,especially to places that are a good few hours away. I’ve only ever found myself in one situation where I have had to try and calm down from almost witnessing a car crash. (I’m never watching Mean Girls again after that happened)

Back in 2014, I did a Christmas school production of Scrooge! The Musical. In the lead up to it I did begin to feel nervous which is of course, completely normal. However, my friend went into hospital and I found myself at one of the rehearsals beginning to worry about her, and starting to think about the bad things that could happen to her. This put me in a state where I would burst into tears even if I wasn’t thinking about her or her state. (She is fine now – just to let you all know). 

When I began to feel “nervous” about the show, I found myself in endless states of random shakes, and my breathing would increase to a pace I couldn’t slow down which made my chest very tight and I began to find it even harder to grasp my breath. I started to feel light headed and finding myself panicking before the opening night and the closing night. 

Of course, I went to the doctors. Due to the way my chest had been behaving and reacting to these moments of panic, I found out I was asthmatic. (Which didn’t help with the shows as I was in pretty much every song) 

Even after the shows I found myself anxious about exams, stress, my results and how my future would pan out – which again is normal for someone in the middle of their first GCSE year. Back then, I think the only major thing in my eyes back then was the fact I didn’t know what was going on.

 As a person, I was never someone to hide away from the crowd and shy away so during the shows I wouldn’t even class them as panic attacks or anxiety now. I think the main reason I began to feel anxious back then was because Scrooge was the first “major” show I had done. Now I look at it and think it was definitely nerves more than anything. 

The next most recent experience after the show was a pantomime I did with my drama group in 2015. During these shows I wasn’t as anxious as I could have been. The opening night was pretty scary for me as we had a damn big audience so there were an awful lot of people I had to cope with. I had solos during these shows and I also had a mini principle role whilst being in the chorus. 

I found myself to be okay during this time – until the last night where one of the chorus members decided to make me look like a complete and utter fool. In the chorus, I played a villager and an evil sister. Being an evil sister meant I had to look as scruffy as possible with my hair. I had to backcomb my hair to try and make it a little bushy and wild. 

I had just finished my hair when one of the chorus members came over to me and told me my hair wasn’t big enough so she grabbed me and pulled me over to sit so she could do my hair. When I say I looked like you could have found me in the forest as a bush would definitely be me saying that perfectly. 

I went out on stage with hair bigger than everyone else’s. Apparently I looked like everyone else but of course my inner thoughts disagreed. I can’t really name this as to what I think it was but I think there was an element of social anxiety in there to make me worry about my appearance and what people might think. 

After the show I found myself sat in front of the mirror for a good 45 minutes brushing the strands of my hair back to its somewhat normal state. It took 3 days for all those knots and kinks to come out. (Thankfully that girl isn’t coming back for panto this year!)
This post has been sooo long! I’m going to make a second post with 2 other of my experiences and then my advice to you if you have found you have felt these symptoms. 

Click here for the second post 

See you soon!