Staying Sustainable: My Top Tips

Apologies for missing Sunday’s post! I had one in mind but never got round to actually writing it. That’ll be this Sunday’s upload! This week I wanted to talk about a topic I believe is quite important considering where we are right now with the planet.

We have approximately 11/12 years to reverse the way Greenhouse gases effect our planet. 12 damn years. I believe the recent series by David Attenborough – “Our Planet” has really had a huge effect on many people and made them think about how our actions can cause so much more damage than we intended at all.

I thought today I could share some of my tips that I’ve been introducing to my every day life recently and how those choices make me feel so much better about how I’m avoiding waste.

Avoid Using Plastic Bags Completely
I haven’t used plastic bags for a long time now thankfully! Here in Queensland there has been a huge plastic bag ban now for a good year or so. I think that this ban has had such a good effect! I haven’t seen random plastic bags floating around at all in the longest time!
I have used instead the reusable plastic bags you can buy for 15c/15p which are so good and they last such a long time. When I go into supermarkets those are the bags that I use when shopping with my parents. We also thankfully know the shops such as Typo and H&M that use paper bags instead of plastic ones. It’s always worth the ask if places use plastic bags or not!

Use Reusable Cups!
I have seen these everywhere at the moment! I have loved mine since I got it from Archer. The initial cost may be a shock, as all keep cups usually range from $15 – $20, and they definitely have their benefits. You’re easily able to make up your money by reusing it. I love how easy they are to bring to places and just pop in your bag. I saw McDonalds selling them last week too which I thought was awesome.

Be Mindful of Buying Food
My family are really good with how we buy fruit and veg. Recently though, I have noticed that we buy the high quality foods especially when it comes to mince. We also tend to buy in bulk from Costco when need be. This means we’re able to stock up on food such as meat or veg, or other things such as cereals and pop. I have also recently found >these< that I love the idea of! SO good for buying your fruit and veg and avoiding those silly plastic bags.

Keep In Mind Your Electricity Use!
My family and I have wonderful reclining seats that we are also able to charge our phones on thanks to the lil USB port. We thankfully have Solar power – which means throughout the day we don’t have to worry about spending heaps of money on appliances, and phone charging etc. SO if you don’t have solar power, here are a few ways you can be mindful of your electricity use –

– Unplug everything after you’ve finished using. For example, when you have a completely charged phone, unplug it and turn off the plug! You’d be surprised at how much you manage to save.
– Think about which appliances might use more electricity throughout the day. If it really isn’t necessary to have on aaalll day, turn it off.
– Use alternative options – such as portable chargers. They are awesome to bring with you to places instead of using public electricity or family or friends’! You can usually find super cheap ones on Amazon, or eBay!

Keep those turtles in mind and I hope this post has helped some of you!


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