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Recently I’ve been loving being able to get and stay organised with some really easy and simple ways. I used to hate ‘trying‘ to be organised for the likes of school, or college. I didn’t really get what was wrong with just using the notes on my phone for those types of things.
In 2017 when I moved here to Australia, I started bullet journalling for the first time, and oh heck did I fall in love. I loved the idea of being visual with absolutely everything I wanted to do and set as my goals for the month, instead of them just being words on a phone or a random piece of paper in the bottom of my bag.

Recently, I contacted Palm Planner after seeing their wonderful Instagram feed and their beautiful planners. We have collaborated to show you the full potential of their beautiful planners, and the way that they’re helping me stay organised!

1. Get a Planner!
Like I mentioned above, your phone notes really aren’t the best thing to keep you organised. You need something visual that you’re able to look at and remember what it is you’ve planned!
Something about the Palm Planner, is you’re able to be creative with it. There is a vision board inside (mine isn’t complete yet! Stay tuned!) that you’re able to put absolutely anything on. Most people choose to draw/write out what their goals for the year are, which I am currently in the process of doing!
Having a planner really has helped me in staying organised, so I’m super thankful to Palm Planner for sending me the two they did!
Lens Ball Photo w Both Planners.jpg
^this is one of my favourite images!
The Palm Planner also gives you the ability to have weekly and monthly views, which is something I really admire about these. The monthly views allow you to fill them in according to what month it is, what your main focus of the month is, as well as having a section for notes and other little bits and pieces at the bottom which allow you to review your month as a whole.
Monthly View.jpg
Monthly Ups + Downs.jpgU-Turn + Fence.jpg
These layouts are so easy to use and I cannot wait to review my first month of using this planner at the end of the month.

2. Utilise To Do Lists
Every single day I have made a to-do list that gives me a good view of what I need to prioritise doing that day. I cannot emphasise how much difference having a to-do list makes, rather than just winging it throughout the day deciding what you’re going to do next.
To Do List.jpg
The to do list in the Palm Planner is such a simple little list you can set up in the weekly view. That means you’re able to put your priorities in a list and work your way through them, and physically cross them off throughout the day. Lifesaver. Absolutely love it.
I also make a mini to do list in my bullet journal every now and then that can also be just as effective.
I talked more about how effective having a to do list can be in my recent YouTube video, in so much more detail.

3. Have A Clean Space to Work In.
This is so important!! Some people may think the ‘tidy room, tidy mind’ thing is silly, but honestly, it makes all the difference. Making sure your office, your desk, or bedroom is nice and clean makes such a change to how your mind concentrates.
All I did so I am now able to maintain this was do a huge clean of my room. I sorted through the bits and pieces I didn’t think I needed and ditched them. That way you’re left with so much less clutter than you had before and your room doesn’t get as filthy in such a short amount of time.
Doing a daily pick up of the things you may have left lying around such as yesterdays socks, or books from school or even just pajamas can make your room look much nicer and cleaner. Make sure to make your bed too! You’d be surprised at the difference you see from having a made bed. Trust me…

4. Use Apps
Using apps can help you with staying organised so easily. Apps I’ve been using are: Flipd, Momentum, and Headspace. All of these apps are incredible for looking at your day and making sure you’re staying focused (Flipd), winding down (Headspace), and creating to do list (Momentum)
Another app I’ve found to be quite helpful was Google Calendar. Google Calendar reminds you of things you have to do with a notification which is wonderful! All of these apps are awesome and something you can only really understand when you download them for yourselves!

5. Prepare For The Next Day
Finally, this is my last tip. Making sure you’re prepared for the next day is so easy to do. All it takes is 10 minutes or so to make sure your bag is packed for school/college/uni, and you have your outfit picked out ready to grab and go the night before you go to work or school.
Again, this is something you can remind yourself to do in a planner! Using the to do list in the Palm Planner is the way that i am currently preparing and planning what I’m doing for the next day and it’s so efficient and easy!
I hope you were able to take something away from this post! Let me know if you have any specific organisation tips and tricks, and don’t forget to check out Palm Planner. You can use the code ABISAYS10 for 10% off at checkout!
I hope you have a wonderful morning, day, noon or night wherever you may be and I’ll catch you in my next post! <3

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