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September Favourites!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the second post in #Blogtober16 (Sorry for Blogtober never really happening)

Today I want to share with you my September Favourites as I have a few. These favourites were definitely more beauty based this month.

My first favourite is the Revlon Colour Stay Foundation. Mine is completely gone now and I’ve had this foundation for at least 6 months and not had to buy anything else. It was the perfect match for my skin and was so incredibly easy to blend. I bought mine for £4 from the Factory Shop and usually it retails for £12.99 so I definitely saved myself some money there!

My next favourites are a combo of each other. The first one is the Maybelline Lash Sensational which has also unfortunately  run out and gone dry. This mascara was raved about so so much this time last year and everyone was using it and still today people love the mascara the same. It’s an incredible dupe for the Benefit Rollerlash too! The wands are almost exactly the same and that is something I absolutely love. This mascara retails for £7.99

The second half of the combo is the Astor Seduction Codes mascara. On top of the Lash Sensational, this adds that extra volume and ‘umph’ to your lashes. This mascara was also bought from my local factory shop for £4 which is the regular price for Astor’s brand. However, it is cheaper in other stores online.

My next favourite is odd but it’s been my cactus! This is so strange but I’ve been loving taking care of my cactus because it feels like a chore I have. It is only small which is good because it means I only have to water it 3 times every month which is like once every week during the winter months. It currently isn’t standing upright which is annoying me a bit but it is sat in the sun right now so I hope the sun can straighten it up a bit!

This past month I have also really been enjoying coming home from college and watching Alfie Deyes’ vlogs. I don’t usually like watching Alfie’s vlogs but this month I’ve loved them.

I have also loved just watching vlogs all together!

Those are all my favourites for this month and I know there aren’t that many but I like keeping favourites posts nice and short because I hate when people go off on a tangent!

Again, I’m doing Blogtober so I’ll be posting everyday! I’ve decided my weekend posts will go up at 10am, and my weekday posts will go up at 6pm as I’m in college all week!

Have a lovely day and I hope to see you again soon!

Abi ♡

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