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Self Confidence

Hey everyone,
Long time no blog haha!

As you can tell, I’m going to talk about self confidence because I think it’s so important people embrace their natural look and body shape and figure and all that kind of stuff.

I’ll start with a clear example of myself. When my adult teeth began to come through, they grew so they tilted like a V shape. I never smiled with my teeth because I hated them more than anything. They felt like my biggest flaw because I was bullied about them, I was told I had horse teeth. But after hearing it so much, I decided to sod all these people because their opinions don’t matter to me about my own personal flaws. I’ve learnt to appreciate my smile and use it as much as possible every day to make myself feel better. (And to make sure I don’t look like a bitch if someone smiles at me and I don’t smile back ?)

My second biggest flaw was my weight and my size. For my age, I was unusually skinny in years 7 and 8. My trousers hung off me like parachutes and nothing fitted me. I spent my time trying to figure out how to hide the fact I didn’t have boobs like the rest of the girls in my year, I tried to figure out how I could possibly make myself look a little chunkier but it never happened. To this day I don’t manage to put weight on much because of how much of a picky eater I am. If anyone remembers, there was a site called AskFM where you could anonymously send in questions to people. I joined this site to answer the daily questions only. However, people found my profile and I received messages like “Skinny anorexic cow, go die.” This made me so upset for so long and I was scared to go to school. But after being bullied for so long, I shook it off. People still try to bully me to this day and I laugh it off because I see it as people being pathetic and trying to hurt someone else because they have nothing better to do than bully and pick on others. 

What I’m trying to get at is if you’re going through or have been through the same situations I have, remember to look after yourself because as someone once told me – ‘Always look after number one. It is the most important rule to life.’ If you want to talk to me, please don’t hesitate to message me on any form of social media or leave a comment below with your social media username and I’ll be sure to have a conversation with you.

I felt this was an important post to make because so many young adults like myself go through much worse than what I did and they lead themselves to doing things out of the ordinary to themselves. 

I appreciate every one of you and you all deserve the absolute bestest things in life and if anyone tries to rain on your parade, shake them off and laugh because you’re the one in the better.

xx – A

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