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Re-Reading Harry Potter | Blogmas Day 5

Hello everyone, welcome back.I am aware I said I’d be doing a favourite foundations post today but I’m unable to get hold of any of the other two foundations I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I will hopefully be able to do that post tomorrow.

For me, Harry Potter has always been a big favourite of mine. If we’re being specific, I much prefer the films over the books. However, in August after visiting Harry Potter Studios, I bought the first Harry Potter book from the shop in the studios and re-read it on the train home and the next night after.

There’s always something about a new book I really enjoy and I mainly think its down to the new page smell and a new book to look after in my collection. What also makes me read a new book is probably that I’m able to delve in straight away and because the book is new it makes the story much more interesting.

For me, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was completely different from the first film and this is mainly what this post is about. I’ll give you a little review to start with.

First off, this book is written so so well and obviously all the characters are as interesting as each other. I found the first book so easy to read and found it didn’t blag on like other books I’ve read. There’s a few books I’ve read where the chapters just seem to go on and on and never really come to a stop. In this book, J.K Rowling kept the chapters simple and semi-short so there was never really a moment where I got bored and wanted to put the book down.

I think this book would definitely make a great bedtime read purely because of how its written and how you’re able to stay intrigued and there’s never a boring moment.

Finally, this book I would straight away give 4.5 stars. Now onto the noticeable differences…

Some of these things I’ve noticed I’ve got from a site called and because of this site I’ve noticed even more than I would have done originally.

Difference One

In the book, the sorting hat sings a song before placing the children into their right houses. In the film, the hat merely makes a few remarks and comments on the child and then decides where the child will end up. I will always wonder what the hat would have sounded like if it had actually sang the song in the film.

Difference Two

There’s the iconic moment in the film where we see Harry at the zoo with his horrid cousin Dudley. In the film, Harry speaks normally to the snake who is a Burmese python and the snake reacts to what he says simply by nodding and saying “Thanksssss” as it leaves the cage. In the book however, Harry speaks to a Boa Constrictor from Brazil in parsel tongue. For the directors and producers to miss this section out is questionable because of Harry later discovering he can speak parsel tongue and has no idea why he is able to speak to snakes. I think the producers probably missed this out to keep Harry questioning in the films as to why he can speak to snakes.

Difference Three

The next obvious difference for me in the film and book is that the poltergeist Peeves is causing trouble in the book, but isn’t mentioned one bit in the film. I think if Peeves was actually included within the films there could have been a good element of comedy in the film and I think its a little disappointing how Peeves is missed out completely.

Difference Four

Harry and Hermione are given detention in the Forbidden Forest for being caught by Flinch after hours in the book. In the film, this doesn’t happen and instead are just given detention for being caught in Hagrid’s cabin.

These are the differences I have found between the first film and book. If you would like a second post comparing the second book and the second film, let me know and I’ll be sure to do it.

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