Rainy Day? Let Me Help You Out…

Rainy days are possibly the worst things to exist. It ruins plans really doesn’t it? Gets in the way. Such an inconvenience. In fact, as I’m writing this very post its absolutely chucking it down. Instead of sitting in bed and staring out the window, I’ve decided to put this post together for you, so you don’t have to worry about ideas for what to do on a miserable rainy day.

  1. Write a blog post
    For all my blogging friends out there, here is your very first answer to a rainy day. I find rainy days are so good for trying to be productive. A blog post like this to write is also a perfect one. If you’re stuck in one of those horrid writer’s blocks, then other blog post ideas could be – a diary entry, a current favourites, your favourite things to do when *blank*, or some sort of action plan for your blog that month.
  2. Read the rest of that book!
    I feel a very common thing for people to do is start reading a book, and then stop reading it for no reason! Fair enough if you haven’t managed to find the time to read the rest of that book, but believe me reading a book on a rainy day is one of my favourite things to do. It makes me feel some what productive, and at least it gets another book read.
  3. Go bowling!
    This is something that brings me a whole bunch of nostalgia from being 5 up until the age of about 9 having bowling parties. I absolutely loved bowling, and haven’t myself been in so long, but if you and a few of your friends have the ability to go to your local bowling alley, definitely give it a go. At least then you’ll have gotten out and had a bit of fun without getting absolutely soaked!
  4. Baking Absolutely Anything!
    Baking has always been one of my absolute favourite things to do no matter what the weather may be. If you’re not the adventurous type of baker, go for something simple, like >>choc chip cookies<<, or maybe even a >>Victoria Sponge<<(Which is my all time favourite cake mmm)
  5. Pamper Yourself! You deserve it!
    This is such an obvious thing to do with your day, but pamper yourself. Paint your nails and toenails, have a lovely >>Lush<< bath, and completely pamper yourself. I have been loving Sephora sheet face masks, however they were not cruelty free, but I’ve recently found >>these<< masks from Nugg which look amazing!

So those are some things I recommend you try do on a horrible rainy day. I’m hoping to upload blog posts more regularly, however my college assessment right now is taking over my life! I’ll be uploading at least once a week! Let me know if you use any of these ideas, and I’ll speak to you very soon!

Abi xx

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