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There are many misconceptions about studying online versus studying at a public state school, and people are called lazy and antisocial because they don’t go to a public school, but let me tell you, there are quite a few differences I’ve already noticed about studying online.

October 31st saw the day I got enrolled into online college with a place called Open Colleges. I’ve been looking at this college since I landed here in Australia on August 15th, and have been speaking to one of the enrolment officers called James who has got me to the point where I am now.

To join Open Colleges and study with them, you usually have to be 18, but because of my experience with photography I was very kindly given the place being 17. I turn 18 in 5 and a half months!

Studying online has been an interesting 48 hours, where I’ve had to really think about my day before it slips away from me just like that. My typical morning will consist of me waking up around 8.30 / 9am. Between that half an hour is the time I take to wake myself up. I fill in my bullet journal (as I do every morning and evening now, yay me! Rachel are you proud? 😉 ) and check how many hours of sleep I managed to get last night.

Around 9.15 I head downstairs and get breakfast. Now this is where my morning goes…

A lot of Youtubers upload whilst I’m asleep because of the 10 hour time difference, so I’ve recently spent my morning eating breakfast and watching videos and multi-tasking like getting ready for the day, getting dressed and brushing my hair and teeth etc etc…

By the time I actually want to start my next sub topic in my module, its around 11.30 which is what I’ve been doing the past two days, and please bear in mind I am basing this around the past two days. All I do is grab my bullet journal, pencil case, notepad and laptop and try study for about an hour.

As some of you will know I’ve recently started a blogging and content marketing course with Shaw Academy, and I actually studied the next lesson this morning before I started my college work. It woke my brain up a little bit, as well as the big glass of apple and raspberry juice next to me.

The lessons with Shaw Academy are around an hour, so that took me to about lunch time. I ran into a few blog problems this afternoon which were very much necessary I got sorted before doing anything else, and after that I got a little frustrated so I spent about an hour or two away from my computer to chill me out.

My dad and I went out to go and get my brother and sister from school, and when we came back (about half 3) I got back to studying my college course. I’ve managed quite a bit today and last night which I’m really happy with.

If you didn’t know I’m studying photography, which I studied in the UK for a year so I have a good and decent knowledge and understanding of how photography works and the rules and lenses and all things technical like that.

Now this course requires you to study at least 12 hours a week. I’ve managed at least 5 and a half this week which I’m fairly happy with, so I’ll do a few more hours tomorrow for definite.

I’ve also noticed I can have breaks whenever I want, so I could decide that tomorrow I’m going to do 45 minutes of my lesson, have a 15 minute break, and do another half an hour so I’m doing an hour and a half worth of work. Then I might decide to have a 45 minute lunch and get back to it and do another hour and a half. This was the basic schedule I had in college (kind of…. my college friends will understand)

I wanted to upload this post on the first which I’m really sorry about. The day went by so so fast yesterday that I didn’t actually manage to do many of the things I needed to do. I’m going to write a to do list for tomorrow, and see how that goes.

I think that is pretty much everything I have to tell you about the past two days of me studying online, I’ll do a weekly update I think of how everything is going. I’ve also decided not to upload on Sundays, so I want to be able to stick to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for my blog posts! And I’m going to be posting on my Youtube channel every other day this month.

I think I’ve rambled on for long enough now, so I hope you have a wonderful day, and I’ll speak to you tomorrow with another post! (I promise these posts will be back to their schedule!)


Until next time,

Abi xx

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  1. That is so cool, I’ve been wanting to do a Open Study College course for ages and I’m thinking of the investing in the new year! Let me know how it goes xo

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