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Hello everyone,

It has been the most annoying week and its nice to sit down and have a chat about college. First I need to apologise for not uploading any posts due to my bloody laptop breaking on me! My dad had to completely re-build my laptop hence the lack of posts and I can’t seem to work WordPress to write posts on my phone so I do apologise

The last time I updated you and told you I was doing college online, was about a month ago. I had just started studying and making my way through the course and the first module.

I am now at the first assessment, and I won’t lie – its thrown me in straight at the deep end and its very full on and I just cannot wait to get past it already! So far I have managed to interview my sister about portrait photography and a certain photographer which turned out really well.

I’m making lists as I go of things I need to be doing and get done all the time! This is my next task to accomplish –

  • Identify at least 3-5 points on how that genre influenced photography. Be specific and give visual examples for each. Insert these visual examples in your text at the appropriate places and reference them correctly.

I have chosen portraiture for this module and many bullet points after that too. Online college is tough purely for the fact that I don’t have the same support network I did in the UK to help me out like friends and I have one tutor who is amazing, but I just wish I could talk to people face to face rather than over a screen.

As for routines, I have generally found I study much better around lunch time after I have woken up and gotten myself ready after having a shower in the morning and spending some time in bed watching the Youtube videos I may have missed out on the previous night.

(If you know of any Australian Youtubers I could watch, let me know!)

I have to study at least 12 hours a week to maintain a constant grade and keep caught up, and I have managed to do this every week since starting the course. (Go me!)

If you have any questions about my course then do let me know or message me on Twitter or Instagram (@abim0ss)

That’s all for today’s post! Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

*Also* I don’;t think I’m going to update 3 times a week, think its become too hard so I’ll be sticking to twice a week and I will be doing blogmas!

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