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Hello everyone, welcome back.

Today I have decided to finally delve into the world of bullet journaling, and already I love it. I thought a plan with me would be an interesting post as I absolutely love these posts and quite a few of the bloggers and Youtubers I follow use them and really make good use of them.



My very first page was very exciting as I wanted this to resemble the rest of the year for me. If you didn’t know, I now live in Australia which is the most insane thing that could have happened to me! I based my first page off the coming months which for me are Spring & Summer. (we’re currently in Spring) As you can see there are a couple of suns and moons and an ice cream. At the top is a bunting idea I got from Google images, (thanks google) and a few clouds dotted around too. I used bright colours for this as it just really makes me happy to look at.


Here is my next page, which is my year at a glance. As there are only a few months left of this year, I decided to only include October, November and December in this spread as when it comes to January I’ll do another spread for the new year.

There’s a tiny little caption at the right hand side of the december calendar which says ‘I’m aware of how awful this is’, and this is purely for the fact I ended up drawing the December calendar about 2 times bigger than October and November… oops!

I have then done a little notes section at the bottom of the page as well as a colour code on the side of the page too which explains what each colour represents.

I’m not a big fan of my year at a glance page as the calendars were difficult to draw, but they’ll do for now.


I have then done a page for my October trackers! On this page I have colour coordinated certain things for each tracker. For now, I only wanted my water and sleep trackers on this page, because I’m the worst at remembering I need to drink, and for some reason I just don’t sleep.

The first tracker is my sleep tracker, which I’ve colour coordinated:

Yellow – 6 hours

Red – 7 hours

Orange – 8 hours

I usually tend to get about 7 and a half hours sleep to 8 hours sleep a night at the moment, so I’ll keep track of the rest of the month and see how i go.

The next tracker is my water tracker, which I absolutely love the idea of. I’ve seen many people use this idea and thought why the heck not.

The first little bar you see, is for the overall amount of water I drink that day, so at the end of the day I’ll colour in how much I’ve managed to drink that day in the colour coordinated.

Pink – 250ml

Yellow – 500ml

Green – 750ml

Orange – Litre

The current water bottle I’m using is a 500ml bottle (although amazon thinks different) , and is great for keeping with me and taking it to different places. Its by Sistema – click here to find it. It also comes with a little strainer sort of thing, which I haven’t really used but I think the idea is you put the fruit in the little strainer which nestles nicely at the top. I bought mine for about $5 at Woolworths.


The box below the bar is a tally / check list for when I’ve finsihed a certain amount of water. Today I’ve had 500ml at the time I’m writing this and I’m making my way through my second 500ml right now.

Finally at the bottom of that page is the average for the month where I look at my results and see which tracker I’m getting more of each day & night.

IMG_0723.JPGNext is this lovely quote by Walt Disney :

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

I found this quote on Google and have loved it for the longest time; I just think its so true and powerful.


The final spread is my blog tracker.

I have taken this idea from my lovely friend Rachel and it works really well for me, as the other ideas I have seen haven’t really taken my fancy.

On this page I have the days of the month down the left hand side in one column and then down the right hand side of the same column are the days of the week.

In the main block next to the days I have the blog post I’m posting that day. The pink squiggle is purely just to separate the different blog posts to make them clearer for me to see. IMG_0726.JPG This is the next page of the spread which has the notes and my stats for that month. Again this is included in the idea I took from Rachel, and of course have given her full credit for it. This is possibly my next favourite spread following my tracker page. Everything is just really clear for me to see and look at and write down on that page.


Here’s a better picture.


And that is my bullet journal for now for the month (or whats left of it) of October! I really hope this post was interesting for people, and do leave a like and comment if you’re wanting to see how I get on at the end of this months journal.

I really do hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you next time.

Abi xx

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