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November Bujo Plan With Me: Bujo #2 | Abi Says

How has the year gone by so fast?! I’m honestly trying to get my head around it, but October was definitely that month that was there one second and gone the next.

I’ve attempted a different colour scheme and hopefully a tidy and neater way to approach my bullet journal this month. Last month didn’t really end up working out for me as I started it on the 13th, meaning it was already half way through the month by the time i managed to start.

My bullet journal is still the same sketchbook I got from Officeworks last month, and I hopefully want to order the Leuchtturm 1917 ready for when my notebook runs out of space.

November Title Page.jpg

This month I’ve gone for a purple and orange theme with triangles. I saw someone’s bullet journal on Pinterest where they went with a geometric vibe, and I quite liked it. I kept this title page pretty boring and basic, but I like it.

Sleep Tracker and Month at a Glance.jpg

Next is my month at a glance and my sleep tracker. The sleep tracker was something that worked really well last month when I started doing this.

Sleep Tracker Up Close.jpg

(apologies for this being the wrong way!)

As I have no idea what time my body finally shuts down for the day and goes to sleep, I’ve been wearing my Fitbit which tracks my sleep. It’s not entirely accurate but it works and gives a good idea of how much I managed to sleep. I’ll be using the same colour scheme for the amount of hours I get every night as i did last month.

Yellow – 6 hours

Red – 7 hours

Orange – 8 hours

Green – 9 hours

Looking back on last month’s sleep tracker, the boxes I made looked messy and just generally not nice to look at, so to use this triangle method I think will be interesting.

Water Tracker.jpg

Next is my water tracker. Again, last month’s grid method wasn’t the best way to track this but it looks a lot tidier than the sleep tracker. I forgot to mention that on the sleep tracker page there are 30 triangles, which represent every day of the month. I didn’t really think triangles would coincide with water, so I decided to use the same concept and use water droplets.

Again, I have a colour coding method which I have since changed because I’ve based my measurements off the water bottle I have, (I bought a new one, the one mentioned last month broke on me)  and the measurements for that as well as the glasses we have. I have changed the orange colour to be 300ML, the purple to 600ML, and the light blue box has stayed the same. This means I ideally want to be drinking two of the glasses which are 300ML each, and a litre of water which is the measurement of my bottle.

Blog Tracker.jpg

Next up, I have my blog tracker. I loved using this last month and I can’t wait to look at my monthly stats tomorrow. I’m hoping the numbers are decent because since I got back into my blog I’ve had views every single day which makes me so happy.

The grid system on the left hand side worked a treat last month. This month I’ve put in 13 different slots. I’ve decided to now post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only, as posting on Sundays or every other Sunday will be a handful! Thankfully I’ve got plenty of ideas and I’m so excited to get started in November.

I’ve also included the notes section at the top – one of which being my goals for the month which you’ll notice is I’d love to hit 150 followers by the end of the month. Which brings me to my next quick point which is I just would like to thank everyone for following my blog recently because we have just hit 100 followers! So thank you all very very much for the support 🙂

Mood & Habit Tracker.jpg

The next spread includes my habit tracker which I’m currently trying to find a new set up for, because I used another grid method last month and I just didn’t love it, so I’m trying to find a new method for this month.

Next we have the mood tracker using the 30 triangles and colouring them in method. Using the same colour scheme as last month again…

Pink – Meh / okay

Light Blue – Average

Dark Blue – Tired

Purple – Excited

Orange – Happy

Last month I used a method my lovely friend Rachel uses, which is almost like a Tetris style. This didn’t really work for me, so i’m hoping the triangle method can work for me better. It didn’t necessarily work for me, its more to the point I was hopeless at remembering to fill my journal out daily! More on that in a bit….

Meal Tracker.jpg

Here we have the next spread which is my meal tracker. Its pretty simple and self explanatory, but on the left hand column is the day, and the right hand column is the rating my family and I gave the meal overall. In the middle is where I will write the name of the meal. This worked so well last month, and we’ve been able to look back on the meals we’ve had this month and not feel too guilty about them.

On the left hand page you’ll notice its blank, and this is because I want to do a doodle relating to the month of November. Despite living in Australia now, I still want to be patriotic and do a little doodle for Bonfire Night, and keep it a wintry / autumn themed page. Its strange being in Australia and it being Spring in November, so I want to add that homely feel of Autumn again.

Youtube Tracker.jpg

The next spread is my Youtube tracker, which I won’t lie I absolutely love. I’m so excited to see where I can take my channel in November, which you can subscribe to here if you didn’t know I had a channel! I’ve included boxes such as the revenue box as my estimated revenue isn’t massive, but its purely a box thats there for experimental reasons.

This is a spread I didn’t include in October as I really didn’t upload much at all, and being perfectly honest I just didn’t think it was necessary.

Instagram Tracker.jpg

My final tracker is my Instagram tracker, which was one I had put many many question marks around, as I really wasn’t sure how I could interpret this tracker for looking at how my instagram had performed .

There are literally three different categories which include my monthly likes, follows, and my follower count on December 1st.


…And that is everything I have to show you for this month! I hope that this month goes much better than last month did, and I manage to fill everything out daily! I’ll be setting an alarm for about 9pm every night for me to remember to fill my journal in, because I really am that forgetful.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post, I definitely have enjoyed writing it.

Do you have a bullet journal? Whats your theme for this month? Let me know, lets have a chat.

Until next time,

Abi xx


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