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My Top Vlogmas Vloggers | Blogmas Day 11

Hello everyone welcome back!

This December I have found SO many Youtubers doing Vlogmas and it’s insane, so I’ve decided to share with you my favourites!

First up is really quite obvious who now has 4, 467, 677 subscribers at the time I’m writing this and that is Zoe from More Zoella. Her content is interesting and therapeutic to watch and she does a lot of time lapses which I find really great to watch! As I’m writing this post I’m watching her Vlogmas Day 9 and she’s unboxed her PO Box and it’s insane how much she gets but back to the point; I absolutely love her content and she constantly has great videos.

YouTube Channel – MoreZoella

My next favourite vlogmas Vlogger has been Molly from Beauty Spectrum. Her vlogs have always been something I’ve watched as she daily vlogged in the summer and everyday she was doing something different with either her friends or family and I absolutely adore that. From watching Molly, she really motivates me to do things which is so so helpful!

YouTube Channel – Beauty Spectrum

The next Youtuber I’ve been obsessed with watching over the past 10 days is Jasmine Clough where she uploaded a different video every single day and there’s something different based around Christmas everyday and I’ve been loving it!

YouTube Channel – Jasmine Clough

The last youtuber I can think of is Gabbie from Velvetgh0st who vlogs on her second channel. she said she wasn’t going to do vlogmas this year but she’s actually done it everyday up to now and again she is someone who just produces interesting videos and vlogs and she has the personality just like everyone else I’ve mentioned.

YouTube Channel – Gabriella Lindley


I thought this would be an interesting post to do as I did vlogmas on my youtube channel last year but this year I’ve come away from my channel to dedicate my time to my blog and I absolutely love it. Let me know who your favourite blogmas bloggers and vlogmas Vloggers are! Make sure to link them!

Thankyou for reading!

For now

~ Abi ♡

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