My Top Beauty Products From This Year! | 2018 Favourites

This year I have used so so many products, whether they’re for my hair, skin, makeup, nails, I’ve found so many different things that I’ve warmed to this year. I’ve decided to split them up into little sections to tell you my favourites.

My absolute go to shampoo and conditioner this year have been from Woolworths without a doubt. I’m a person who has stupidly oily hair and its needing a wash every 2 days. By the 3rd day its just a horrid mess. THESE have been my favourite brand, and they’re so so cheap too. I’d say the UK alternative to these are probably the Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioners price wise and the way they last in my hair too. A lot of the time, my hair can become stupidly static and this shampoo has managed to reduce that massively. (IT’S ALSO CRUELTY FREE YAASSS)
Blueberry Shampoo

NEXT – You may know I have been dying my hair for probably a year and a half now, and I first dyed my hair red in July 2017 (I think) and I have always used the Garnier hair dye, and since going back brown I’ve used the same one. Find it >>here!<< This hair dye honestly just does so much for my hair in keeping a healthy shine and look about it. My hair unfortunately is getting thinner because of the dying, but I’m hoping to invest into some thickening and strengthening shampoo that could help prevent this.
hair dye

I am someone who never really wears any makeup, and when I do I like to make some sort of effort to make myself look decent. Recently, I have made my makeup collection to be much more minimal than it was before. Before I had so much makeup that I just wasn’t using. Not only that, but I’ve made it all pretty much cruelty free.

The first thing I’ve been obsessed with has to be my makeup bag from Kmart. It only cost me $5 which is absolutely wonderful. It fits everything I need without me having to squeeze anything in. Its so so handy and I can imagine the likes of Primark or New Look have some that are very similar.

Another favourite this year has been Revolution as a whole. Revolution makeup is just incredible, and is something that is sort of pricey in Australia, so you bet I’ve stocked up whilst being in the UK!
In April, my parents got me the Soph x Revolution eyeshadow and highlighter palettes, as well as the Reloaded Newtrals 2 palette, and I’m honestly still as obsessed now as I was when they arrived. Since being back in the UK, I bought the Conceal and Define Concealer as well as the new Fast Base Foundation Stick which I have been LOVING.

Revolution will always be a favourite of mine, especially because they’re cruelty free and they’re just incredible as a brand. Their shade ranges, formulas and the ambassadors they have for the whole brand is just amazing.

Since living in Australia, I have discovered Woolie’s own brand of makeup called MUD. I have used their concealer which wasn’t my fave, but then I discovered their Mascara and their transparent powder. The powder is a very similar formula and consistency to the Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder, which again I love however its not cruelty free. The mascara I have is also just wonderful too from MUD.

Oh, and here’s the >>powder<< from MUD. The >>mascara<<is so so easy to use and it glides on and only runs if you really ball your eyes out at films! It has lasted me a couple of months at this moment in time and really does well throughout the day.


A couple months back, I was sent the Duvolle Spin Care System by one of their representatives. This has been my saving grace and I absolutely adore it. If you use INGENIOUS70 at checkout, you’ll get 70% off your purchase, which is absolutely worth it! I use my daily facial cleaner and exfoliating wash with the facial brush and the exfoliating brush twice a day and I swear I’ve seen such huge differences in my skin. Along with that, I’ve been using the Nivea Exfoliating Wash and the Clearasil Face Wash and they’re the best combo!

Another all time fave since moving to Australia has to be the Lucas’ PawPaw Balm. If you know me in real life, you’ll know I’ve been obsessed with this since the day I bought it.

Its just incredible and so so moisturising and does a lot more than any other lip balm I’ve ever owned. I’m pretty sure you can get it from the likes of eBay or Amazon, but if you live in Australia, here’s the link for Woolies. UK – >>*click here<<, you need this!!

Those are all of my favourites I have to tell you about at the moment! Tell me a few of your recent favourites too, I’d love to hear about them. I imagine in a couple months I’ll be able to tell you some new favourites I find!

Till Next Time!
Abi x

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