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Bullet journaling had become increasingly popular recently and is definitely something I have just gotten into.

The designs, layouts and spreads and title pages and little doodles here and there really inspired me to make my own spreads and have my own journal.

On October 13th I set my bullet journal up, completely aware of it being almost half way through the month; but with the few weeks of the month I had left I decided to give it a go. If you haven’t seen my October Plan With Me, be sure to check it out.

As it’s Spring here in Australia and just generally lovely and sunny I decided to go with a title page that was bright and colourful. Next to that was the first thing I’m really not loving the look of.

This is my year at a glance page. I personally just am not a fan of this, it doesn’t look nice and all the lines aren’t actually straight. (Oops)

The next page I really didn’t like was this one. This is my trackers page which I obviously tracked my water intakes & my sleep. Honestly could have put more effort in but because this was a trial few weeks o decided a grid method might be easier to do. Obviously that wasn’t necessarily the key.

I much prefer this months set up, and the colours are all relative. I’ve gone for an orange and purple theme this month with the occasional colour coding in there too for my water and sleep trackers.

Another page I didn’t find worked well this month was my habit tracker. I honestly didn’t like this at all because it was another flipping grid method and I’ve seen so many different nice ideas people have posted and I should have really looked into the realms of Pinterest and Instagram before I even decided on this grid idea.


And thankfully, those are the only few pages I didn’t find worked this month or I necessarily liked. This month I’ve already been so consistent with journaling and making sure I’m updating every morning and night. I’m loving my sleep tracker and my meals page at the moment. My blog tracker is also really really handy.

I hope this post gave you some idea of what I liked and what I won’t be using again, let me know if there are certain set ups you’ve used for different spreads you’ve just really not got on with.

Sorry for such a short post!

Until next time,

Abi xx

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