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Recently I’ve found myself binge watching Youtubers and vloggers of all sorts of nature.

I thought today I’d do a quick post about my favourite Youtubers at the moment, and the ones I’ve always gone back to every time.

  1. Zoella
    Of course this is someone who I couldn’t not include. I understand people may have their different opinions on her at the moment  after her advent calendar controversy, but I’ve watched Zoe for 6 years and I don’t think I’ll ever stop watching her videos. Her vlogs are my favourite thing to watch because they’re so long and full of fun and I love them.Click here!
  2. Our Tiny Tribe / Ebony Day
    I put these two channels in the same name because Ebony is 1/3 of Our Tiny Tribe, as well as having her own channel on the side.
    I’ve recently started getting really into their vlog channel (OTT) and loving it. Our Tiny Tribe is made up of Ebony, David and their baby girl whose name is currently a secret to all their subscribers. Ebony is due to give birth in about 6 weeks time and its safe to say I’m so excited. I just adore how they share what they like and don’t get any hate for not sharing too much. They share what they want to share with their subscribers and I just adore that and really think thats something special.Click here!
  3. Demi Donnelly is someone I discovered a few months ago and adore her videos, as well as her and her personality all in one. Demi is 21 and lives in Newcastle and I absolutely love her videos and style. I started watching her when she started creating videos about working at places. She did a video about secrets of working in Primark, and at the time I worked at Primark so I decided to see if I knew them all! (I did). Demi is so funny and original and I just love her style.Click here!
  4. JessBecause is someone I have recently found since living in Australia. She lives in Brisbane the same as me, and I started watching her about a month ago. Every time she uploads a new video I’m straight on her channel liking and commenting. She’s got such a funny personality and is really bubbly and I love that!Click here!
  5.  Lucy Moon. I have watched Lucy since discovering dodie in 2012. Lucy’s videos are so artistic and creative and her style of vlogging just makes me want my vlogs to be as stylish and artistic as hers are. She’s honest and straight forward to the point with the videos she creates and opinions she gives.Click here!

And those are all my favourite YouTubers at the moment! Please do go and check their channels out and subscribe and comment and like on their videos, because they genuinely really deserve it.

Who are your favourite Youtubers at the moment? I’d love to know!

Until next time,

Abi xx

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  1. I can’t wait to follow Ebony’s new adventure, it’s so exciting! | Latest blog post: Sleeping Under The Christmas Tree – Blogmas Day 6

    1. Me either!! ❤️

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