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I saw Caitlin from caitlincx do this post about her favourite places to eat, and I thought I would go through where I liked to go when I lived in the UK, in my favourite city ever – Chester.

Chester is an old Roman city which still has the old city walls all around. I absolutely loved walking round the walls too – especially on an autumn morning.

The Jaunty Goat

Jaunty Goat.jpg

(picture from Four For the Road)

The Jaunty Goat is owned by a lovely man named Ed. In his eyes, “its all about the coffee”. This cafe is the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing coffee shop in Chester. Located on Bridge Street, The Jaunty Goat really stands out with its slick white front and looks absolutely gorgeous.

I tend to differ between tea and coffee, but the interior is something The Jaunty Goat really does well.

Jaunty Goat 2.jpg

(Image from Brian’s Coffee Spot)

The light bulbs and the tables and stools are gorgeous. At the bottom of the shop are little copper tables and every table has a Lyle’s Treacle Tin, which contains sugar, and I just think this is such a lovely addition and need I say more…?

There are different sandwiches, cakes, lunch and breakfast menus with different coffees and teas to choose from, and gives such a decent and flexible option for everything and I just think its an amazing option.

Jaunty Goat 3.jpg



This is a fairly obvious one for every coffee lover, but this in my opinion will never top The Jaunty Goat.


(image from TripAdvisor)

As you can see, this Starbucks has an outside sitting area just under the shelter of the building – which is great when it gets busy inside, but when the cold weather hits in the UK, even the hot drinks can’t beat the cold.

This Starbucks is located on Northgate Street, and just down the road from the Chester Cathedral.

Starbucks have their seasonal drinks, (which I already miss so much!) and everyone loves the Christmas and Autumn menu, especially the all famous Pumpkin Spice Latte.
I absolutely love the atmosphere of this Starbucks, and the staff are always so so friendly which I adore. There are two levels where you can sit in here. There are a few tables opposite where you order and by the window, and then you can go up a couple of stairs to find even more seating, which is exactly what you need when the winter months hit.

Off the Waffle

A classic of Chester – Off the Waffle. Located on Rufus Court this is in a less open part of Chester, and somewhere you certainly have to look for.

Off the Waffle.jpg

(Image from Life with Beth)

I’ve been to Off the Waffle a couple of time, (Literally) and honestly adore the place. The first time I went, my lovely friend Liv decided to buy me and my friends some very lovely milkshakes.

Off the Waffle with Girls.JPG

I believe I had a Kinder Bueno White one and oh my gosh it was gorgeous.

And of course, Off the Waffle do waffles that are to die for. I love their Strawberries and Creme waffle, and all the prices are all really good and decent too.

Those are the three main places I wanted to share with you today, especially The Jaunty Goat and Off the Waffle.

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Until next time,

Abi xx

Share your favourite places to eat and grab a coffee in the comments! x

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