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Hey gals! I’m Grace, from @gracedoesblogs on Instagram! I want to thank Abi because today I am going to be writing a guest blog post to go on her account! I am going to be sharing with all you my Christmas traditions! I’d love to know if we have any traditions in common so comment down below so I will be sure to read through!

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 Christmas Party on Christmas Eve:

For as long as I can remember, we have always been invited to the same Christmas party on Christmas eve! Another family we are friendly with host it, and we go along with lots of other family friends! We always have a lovely times, especially as it’s the day before Christmas day!!

 Pub Family Drinks:

Just to let everyone know when I say ‘drinks’ I mean non-alcoholic for us kids! We usually take the party to the pub and stay there for a couple of hours into the evening! I always love the way that the pubs are decorated for Christmas! It makes the atmosphere so cozy, puts me even further into the spirit and makes me so excited for Christmas Day!!

 Opening Stocking’s on Mum + Dad’s bed:

I don’t really know how this tradition came about if I’m honest, but we always open our stockings first thing in the morning on Mum +Dad’s bed! My brother, who is younger than me, is always so excited to find his stocking laying at the bottom of his bed, and he usually comes running to wake me up! We do that cute little thing where you shake all the presents and try to guess what’s inside each package! When it’s of a reasonable hour, we head into Mum + Dad’s room and start opening! My brother is always finished in seconds but hey that’s how it is!!

 Christmas Breakfast:

For breakfast on Christmas day we always have pastries! My favourite is pain au chocolat, but my mum prefers pain au raisen and my dad a croissant! SO we usually just go for a selection!

 Christmas Day With the Family:

We ALWAYS spend Christmas day with my mum’s side of the family! This year we are heading to my Aunt and Uncle’s house! My nan and cousins will also be there, along with my cousin’s new puppy (a cockapoo!), who I have only met once! I’m so excited to see him again!

• Present Giving and Opening: 

When we get to the family, we like to go straight to the present giving and opening! I genuinely love seeing the faces of my cousins and brother’s face light up, especially as I am the oldest in the family!

• Christmas Dinner:

Christmas Dinner! What a meal! I look forward to it for the whole countdown period! My family are the best chefs so the food we eat is always super yummy! The main course is always followed by a selection of deserts and a gigantic array of chocolates! I mean YUM!

 Boxing Day Walk:

We tend not to do much else on Christmas Day, but it doesn’t just stop there! On Boxing Day we always go on a walk (mainly to try and work off all the food we consumed on Christmas day)! Then, we come back and have a leftover meal, usually with a piece of gammon as the meat!

Thanks so much for reading this blog post, and thanks so much to abi for letting me write a post for you all to read!! Again, if you want to read more of me, check out my blog –!

Grace x

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