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Hello everyone, welcome back!

Today I wanted to attempt to tell you about whats actually happened in the last few months.

So, as told by the title, I moved down under to Brisbane, Australia. It was absolutely mental because it all happened so so fast all of a sudden. We came to Australia back in 2015 and we absolutely loved it; since then, my parents had been looking at moving here and slowly started the process for a visa application.

They were working so hard to make sure that we could do this move and manage  it, and all the hard work they did paid off and i’m so so happy we moved.

(don’t ask me any questions about the visa process because I honestly haven’t got a clue!)

On August 13th, we flew out here to activate our visas which was required to do before November so we made sure to do it in advance (kind of). We all flew out together and after 2 and a half weeks, my mum and I flew back to the UK to start  sorting out the house ready for the house sale, and for the shipping container.

It was the strangest thing not having the company of my dad, brother, and sister around and only having my mum around with me. We made sure our dog was flown out safely, and carried on with packing the house up and de-cluttering massively.

The container arrived on September 20th, and everything was packed within a couple of hours which was insane. I have moving vlogs up on my YouTube channel if you’re interested! (CLICK HERE)

Eventually, we flew back to Australia on October 3rd (mean girls day 😉 ) and we landed on October 5th. Its taken me a week to recover from the jet lag, which is absolute bliss because last time I took 2 weeks out of the 2 and a half!!

We have now been over here a week and 2 days and its been absolutely lovely. We had a huge storm on Friday night which was loud and noisy and it trailed into Saturday morning to the very early hours, which woke me up at about 6am.

So far, I haven’t had any troubles about anything, and I’ll be enrolling into an online college course for photography very soon, given my laptop doesn’t die on me because its suddenly very very slow and its painful…

Saying goodbye to friends was surprisingly easy, and I received some lovely gifts from friends as well as goodbye cards. Thing is, I didn’t say goodbye, I told everyone I’d see them soon because me moving here doesn’t mean its literally impossible for me to go back to the UK to visit, or people to come out here and see me and my family.

Anyway, I think the easiest part of moving away was probably being able to just get back to somewhere with good weather, and a better lifestyle for all of us.

The plane journey from Manchester is an overall 24 hours. There is a connection flight which is from Manchester to Dubai, and from Dubai to Brisbane.

Manchester to Dubai – 7 hours

We then had a lay over of about 3 hours in Dubai, and then boarded the plane to Brisbane,

Dubai to Brisbane – 13 hours 50 mins / 14 hours.


If there’s any questions you’re wanting me to answer in this post I haven’t mentioned please do leave them down below.

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll be posting again tomorrow! (Monday)

Until next time,

Abi xx

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