Makeup Free Ways to Freshen Up Your Look


Following on from my last post which you can view here I thought this might also be a fab post to share with you all.
Not everyone wants to wear makeup. Either people do not have the time to apply it, they do not like it or their skin can be too sensitive to it. Whatever the reason does not really matter, as there are other ways to freshen your look without makeup.

DIY Face Mist
Get yourself a spray bottle, fill it with your favourite gentle skin toner and witch hazel, about half of each, and add a small amount of tea tree oil. Spray this on your face each morning to wake up your face and get your senses working. It is ideal for anyone that is busy, and you could even carry one in your handbag to use throughout the day.

Enliven Your Eyes
Tired eyes can affect your appearance more than you may realise.  If you have been working at a computer screen all day, or have allergies that make them look weary, they can take on a dull and irritated look that will change the entire glow if your face. Some gentle, moisturising eye drops will put them right, and you can use these as often as you like.  They will instantly bring the brightness back to your eyes, and make you look more alert and awake.

Teeth Whitening
A nice bright, white smile will always help the way you look, which is why some people use digital smile designers. These allow you to see what your smile would be like if you had any cosmetic treatment you needed and had your teeth whitened. You can buy whitening mouthwashes that will help a bit, but nothing is a good as professional tooth whitening.

Treat Your Lips
It is very easy for your lips to get chapped and puffy and you should avoid this happening by using a lip balm. You do not have to buy one though, you can make your own very easily. Mix together equal an amount of brown sugar, olive oil and honey. Mix it well and apply to your lips. As well as tasting good, you will soon have slips that are smooth and hydrated.

So now you have your face sorted and will be able to keep it looking good, you need to consider that other beauty essential – hair. You do not want to have to spend hours dealing with it every day, so have it styled in a way theta is easy to maintain. The ideal is a style that takes little more than a brush for it to look its best, and there are plenty of them that will allow this. You just need to speak with your hairdresser to find one that suits you.

There are far more important matters in life than spending hours each day applying makeup, and this time could be better spent doing other things. Of course, if you are attending a special event or maybe going to a party, you may well then want to have some makeup on. But for everyday situations, such as work, save yourself the time and the hassle and look good by using the tips above.

I have another post planned to share with you all tomorrow that I’m super excited about. I have also posted a brand new video of a Photoshop manipulation I did yesterday.

Thanks so much for reading!
Abi x



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