I have so many different blog post ideas saved in my bullet journal, and deciding which one to start writing is always a tough choice. I’ve been using Instagram stories to get people’s opinions on if they’d like to see that certain blog post or YouTube video, and it has been so super helpful for me!

I’ve been inspired by Jemma over at  to write a life lately post because I’ve just been so absent not only from my blog but from my YouTube channel and my Instagram too. (@abigailkxtie) I genuinely feel like I need to update whoever is reading or following my blog.

This has been my biggest priority this month. If you don’t know, I study online with Open Colleges which is probably been the toughest thing I’ve had to juggle this year. With it being online, there is so much to do with back and forth emails and submitting time and time again to check with the tutor that everything I’m doing is okay, and that I’m on track.
Thankfully though in the past week I seem to have got my mojo back for wanting to do college work and just get it done. I now have just over 2 months to get all my assessments done and I’m worried I won’t hit that, so fingers crossed I’ll get everything done in time.

Job Hunting & I found a job!
Since moving to Australia the job hunt for me has been a non stop thing. I’ve had a good few interviews, a numerous amount of emails filed with rejection and a  lot of self doubt that I’m just unemployable as heck. If you didn’t know, I landed officially to activate my visa last year on August 13th. Its now been a year and about 2 weeks since that date, but my mum and I Had to fly back to the UK to pack up our house and landed back in Brisbane on October 5th 2017. Since about December time I’ve just been constantly looking for a job.

One of my lovely friends managed to get me a job at the local chippy. Despite it being a chippy, its a British chippy! So I get that sense of home and taste too! Its genuinely a lovely job and I don’t think it even compares to any chip shop in the UK. I never would have worked in one in the UK!

Prioritising My Mental Health 
This has probably been the biggest thing for me the past couple of months. A couple of months ago I hit a point with my mental health where I just couldn’t do anything regarding messaging or calling college tutors about work, handing my CV in to places to try and get myself a job, or just generally wanting to go out and socialise. Driving lessons were the biggest thing I had to really build up the courage to do as well. Thankfully I have a driving instructor who understands my anxieties when it comes to heavy traffic times and manoeuvres (which will be the death of me) and its just such a breath of fresh air having someone who is patient with you!

I think that is all I have to update you on at the moment. Maybe in a couple months I’ll do another of these life update posts. For now I have a bunch of blog posts planned in between work and college, so lets see where I head!

Abi x

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