It’s Okay Not to Be Okay – A Mental Health Chat|Abi Says

The title says it all.

Some days you could be having the best few days and your brain & thoughts not take over everything in your mind. Then suddenly you crash.

Those thoughts take over and you’re back at rock bottom. It happens. It’s nature.

Mental health is real and happens before you without you even knowing. A stranger could have a smile on their face and laughing with family and friends when in reality they could be having the worst day that week.

I’ve not posted the past few days for those reasons. Since moving to Australia 3 weeks ago, all has been good & well.

I’ve had to deal with new changes, and waiting on getting back into the swing of education. (Still waiting).

Last night my brain just had everything hit it. What were we (my parents and I) talking about? Well let’s just say it wasn’t much but I got upset & worried and bam. I cried for a solid hour and a half about absolutely everything.

I’m struggling settling in but I know everything will get easier. I may not necessarily have many friends out here just yet, but I’m content with my company.

My message in this post is to spread a message about mental health. All of these thoughts that suddenly hit me yesterday evening had been piled up for almost 4 weeks. And I was oblivious.

The most I’ve felt is anxiousness in my chest a couple of times but that’s it.

If you know someone who is suffering with anxiety & panic attacks please make sure you comfort them. My Dad sat next to me on the sofa and I just let myself lie on him, and let him calm me down. My mum was sat in front of me calming me just by speaking to me.

It’s hard trying to deal with my anxious and down days but I’ve not had a day like this in a very long time.

Please remember if any of you feel you need someone to talk to, I am always happy for you to message me through Twitter or Instagram or even dropping a comment below. My emails & dms are always open.

I’m sorry for not posting, I’ll be back into the swing of things next week with an update of how this week has been.

Until next tine,

Abi xx

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