Introduction to Blogmas: Welcome!

We have hit that time in the year again where Blogmas is every blogger’s mission and task. Whether they do 25 days worth, or whether they do 12; Blogmas is probably my favourite time of year! Reading heaps of new posts from my favourite bloggers is the best thing to wake up to.

I first attempted to take part in Blogmas 2 years ago, and would always write my posts in between lessons or during free time, or just in lessons where I had nothing to do. Then I moved here to Brisbane and heck. Christmas was weird. It was hot, it was sunny and humid and just the weirdest setting to have Christmas in, as well as just feeling silly homesick.

Now I’ve been here for a year and a couple of months, I’m feeling like I have a new home again and I’m happy with the fact I live in a country where Christmas is hot. However, the irony is my family and I are flying back to the UK on November 30th to visit friends and family during the Christmas period for 2 and a half weeks. By the time you’re reading this, I would have landed yesterday!

So… What IS Blogmas?
Blogmas is something bloggers all over the world take part in during December and the lead up to Christmas Day. As mentioned, bloggers may choose to do the whole 25 days, or they may stick with the advent period and do 12. Twitter will be crazy this month with all the new blog posts appearing and the festivities that will be happening!

I will be uploading my Blogmas posts every day from the 1st of December, up until Christmas Day – where they’ll be posted at 5pm UK time. (Because of time zones and whether the clocks go back or not I haven’t a clue what time it’ll be for Australia!)

If you have the WordPress app, you’re able to turn on notifications for my blog so you know when I’ve posted! If not – don’t worry. BlogLovin’ is also another app to tell you when I’ve uploaded, but my main focus will be posting on Twitter and Instagram to alert when a new post is live!

I’m so excited for this month, and I have heaps of post ideas. You may also be introduced to some new bloggers!

Click Here for Day Two!
Abi x



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