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Interviews can be scary for everyone, but something we all have to face someday, whether that be for college, university, or a job. When you have an interview confirmed, you could have had it planned since last week, or maybe it was confirmed in the past couple of days, meaning you haven’t planned anything in advance. When I had my first interview, I was 16. I had just started college and I applied for a casual job. With it being my first one, I wasn’t entirely sure of what I needed to bring with me,  and my parents thankfully lent a hand. With my parents boosting my confidence and telling me the right things to say and take with me, I felt much better and a lot more confident.

A lot of interviews are face to face. These types of interviews should last no more than 30 minutes, but depending on the job it could last for a longer amount of time, or 10 – 15 minutes. This is also pretty much the same for phone interviews as they are usually
put in place if you cannot attend, or the interviewer is away on business and unable to be at the appropriate place.

When it comes to waiting to hear back after an interview, a lot of places will tell you a week or so before you hear. However, a lot of sites such as Forbes, say you shouldn’t have to wait any longer than 3 – 4 business days. If you haven’t heard back after a few days, email the company
to chase up your progress. They will see this as your eagerness for the job, but also your dedication towards it. Your confidence in emailing them will be something they’ll be really happy you did.

What should you take to an interview?
Always take an updated version of your CV and a Cover Letter to tell the employer why you’re an acceptable candidate for this job, and what you believe you will bring to the company. You should always take your passport, as this is photo identification that a lot of employers ask after when you confirm your interview. If possible, take a driver or provisional license with you, which again is a form of photo identification.

What you need to say in an interview:
Be confident! A lot of people are shy when it comes to showing an employer their skills and what they could bring to the company which is one of the first things you should answer when asked. A few of the interviews I have been to have asked what my hobbies are, and what I like to do in my spare time. If you have a hobby, talk about it! Employers love to hear you have volunteered too, so if you have volunteering experience,
talk about it. Talk about the skills you have learnt and developed through that volunteering, and how it has helped you – whether that be confidence or an idea of a new career path.
Do the same if you have had a previous job. It is so important to boast about yourself as much as you can when you have the interview.
Smile, and make direct eye contact with your interviewer and never look shy. Keep your hands in one place and try not to fidget! You’ll have this interview down in no time at all.

What do I do if I don’t hear back?
Don’t panic! The interviewer could have done heaps of interviews throughout the week to find the right candidate. If this was a college interview, expect to hear back within a few days to a week. As they enrol in the summer months leading up to the start of the new academic year, they’ll have hundreds of applications to go through.

If it was an interview in which you applied to a job, wait for those 3-4 business days to go by, and if you haven’t heard back, that is when you email. Again, if you don’t hear back within another 3-4 days, phone them and ask to speak to the manager, or even better ask for the person who interviewed you, if you can remember of course!
Unfortunately, a lot of the time, people don’t get back to you and you just have to assume you haven’t been successful, and look for another job. Job hunting and interviews
are time-consuming, but getting a small job in your spare time, or even after you finish college or school will really benefit you in the future and make your CV look incredible.

Good Luck!

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