How To Wear A Summer DRESS in WINTER!

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You probably don’t get much use out of your old summer dresses in the winter which is a real shame because they’re such a great piece. You’re also spending a lot of money on dresses that you only wear for a few months a year. But they don’t have to spend the colder months stuffed in a drawer never to be seen again until the sun comes out again. There are plenty of great ways that you can style a summer dress for the colder weather!
I wish I had taken some dresses with me to the UK, but unfortunately, there was never an opportunity for them. I’m very fortunate to have come back to some lovely warm weather here in Australia. As most of my readers are UK based, I thought this post could be perfect for you! After that trip, I looked at dresses I could have taken with me and honestly had a fair few options. Here are some ways you could style yours!

Image From Pxhere

Image from Pxhere

Embrace Layers
Layering your clothes is a fundamental of winter fashion because you’re going to be freezing cold until you get inside where it’s nice and warm. (especially in the UK!) You’ll need to strip those layers back and a summer dress is ideal for an underlayer. It’s best to get some plain colours like these ones from Petal and Pup rather than the bold floral patterned ones because you’ll struggle to mix and match with the rest of your winter clothes. With a thick pair of tights and a good coat over the top, a summer dress can just as easily be one of your winter layers. I absolutely love the Primark thick tights!

Puffer Jackets
Puffer jackets are tricky to style sometimes and if they can easily ruin an outfit, but they work great with summer dresses. When you’re in the tail end of winter and you don’t need quite as many layers any more, but it’s still cold outside, you can match a good summer dress with a puffer jacket and some trainers, add a beanie to finish off the outfit. It’s a great look that bridges the gap between the winter and the spring. They’re definitely something different to try, but why not give it a go!

Cowboy Boots
Cowboy boots are on trend at the minute but they’re a risky choice. If you match them with a pair of jeans, you risk looking too much like you work on a farm in the southern states of America. That’s fine if that’s the look you’re going for but if not, you need a new way to wear them. Matching them with a nice summer dress doesn’t sound like the most obvious choice but it really works, and looks really flattering too!

Wear Over Jeans
When it’s the height of winter, a summer dress with tights might be a bit too cold, even if you’ve got a good coat with it. Jeans with a dress don’t work at all most of the time but with a summer dress, you can usually get away with it. This is the best way to make use of your more floral patterned dresses because you don’t need to worry about layers quite as much. If you are still going to layer over the top, it can get quite messy if you’re using a floral patterned dress so stick with the plain ones.

If you’re only wearing your summer dresses when the weather is warm, you’re not getting that much use out of them. If you have to keep buying new clothes every single time the season changes, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money! So learn how to style your summer dresses for the cold months instead.

I hope these tips help you style yourself this Winter! Just think, Spring isn’t too far away!
Until next time!
Abi x

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