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Hello everyone welcome back.
Its suddenly 2018 and I have no idea how 2017 managed to slip by so fast. I’m currently writing this when its 29 degrees outside, and watching a little bit of Youtube. This will probably be a really short blog due to the fact I have managed to make myself a busy schedule for today, but decided blogging was probably a good idea.

First off I just wanted to say I really hope you had a lovely Christmas and fabulous New Year, and welcomed the New Year with happiness and smiles. I’ve been so away from blogging because I decided to attempt Vlogmas this year which I managed 19 days out of 24. I tried my very best to do Blogmas but decided it just wouldn’t work so I’ve decided to take those posts down as Blogmas posts. They now just appear on my blog without the | Blogmas at the end.

Experiencing my first Christmas in Australia was most definitely the strangest thing. We woke up and it was about 26 degrees and it was only 7am. We decided on keeping the tradition of a British Christmas, so my parents (bless them) decided to cook a full on roast as it gradually reached 30 degrees. I cannot thank them enough because the heat and humidity was generally just pretty intense that day!!
We went to our friends in the evening on Christmas Day. The kids and adults just basically separated and we went upstairs to play some board games and ironically got bored, so we ended up spending a couple of hours on Just Dance. We were wanting to spend a little more time with our friends, but unfortunately a massive severe storm hit and we had to go before it got worse. We got home and the storm got heavier and I’m pretty sure the thunder and lightning caused so many accidents and problems especially in the city. I’m almost certain the lightning hit my house, but fortunately we have a tin roof so no fire!

Side note – the storms over here are just absolutely mad and out of control!

New Years was spent just as a family and watching the Sydney New Year countdown, playing pool, and a game our friends got us called ‘What Am I’ which was absolutely hilarious and kind of frustrating to try and figure out what we were.

New Years Day for me and my family is always a lazy day eating leftovers and lazing in pyjamas. There has never been a year where we haven’t gotten ready for the day. Our new years day tradition will never change. Because my mum and sister didn’t want to watch anything else, we ended up watching 4 Harry Potter films (years 1-4), which I’m not sure whether to be embarrassed about or not hahaha.

I have decided I’m going to be putting up a new blog post once a week as my Youtube channel is what I want to focus on this year, but also make the effort with my blog and uploading something every week for you over here. The posts will be up on Wednesdays at 4PM uk time.

Thanks so much for reading and a very happy new year!

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Abi xx


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  1. I still haven’t seen the Harry Potter films! I remember going to the cinema when number 1 came out, but never again. Everyone tells me I’m a little mad… maybe this will be the year I finally watch them.

    Tori | JustTheBeginning-x.com
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