Goodbye April


April Showers bring May flowers…

So April is almost over, which is insane. I have less than 4 weeks left in high school before I leave for study leave. This time last year I was sitting my science exams and worrying about year 11 and what was going to happen in my final year of high school.

Over the past five years, time has gone incredibly quickly. I’ve had friendships which have lasted and friendships I’ve thrown over the shoulder and said goodbye to,  I’ve had rows and troubles with others but picked myself up after them, I’ve had an incredible high school experience which I’m so grateful to have had. Now I have to look forward and start thinking about college and my later life and what my plans and hopes are for the future. It’s scary to think about but it’s happening and this is all real life.

This April I decided to start my blog up again and I’ve already gained quite a few followers (which I thank you all for so much!), and I’m enjoying it so much. I love reading other people’s blogs and getting involved in the comments and discussing different things with their followers.
Apart from my birthday, April has been fairly quiet and non eventful. Now I have 13 exams to start preparing for before my results day in August which I’m terrified for!

What year are you in? Where and what have you been to see and do this month? Let me know in the comments below!



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