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Getting Braces & My Experience | Blogmas Day 12

Hello everyone welcome back,

Today I’m going to talk you through my braces experience and what I went through to get them on.

So to start, I had a consultation in about May time where I went to see my orthodontist and discuss having my braces on. I’m going to first say I don’t like my orthodontist as he was rude to me and I just overall didn’t like him much at all from first impressions. I was told I had to have four teeth out in order to have the brace fitted because otherwise the orthodontic treatment would have no effect at all. I was very hesitant about this and it took me 6 months to actually have my teeth out eventually. The experience of having my teeth out was daunting, but I’ll come to that.

Next step was to have the mould done. This was absolutely disgusting and yes, it is as bad as people make it out to be. I’m not going to sugarcoat this, I truly found it vile. You have two gum shields full of goo pushed against your top gum first and then your bottom gum afterwards to get the shape of your teeth and mouth.They hold them there for a good 10 – 15 seconds and there will be left over goo from the mould everywhere. It’s honestly not the best thing I’ve ever experienced.

After finally getting the appointments out of the way, it was finally time for me to have my teeth out. I didn’t do this as everyone else does. I used the gas and air method which was a mask which sort of looked like a snorkel around my nose which was being filled with anaesthetic to not knock me out, but make me sort of deluded, and keep me calm more than anything. The gas and air had two effects on me the two times I had my teeth out. The first time, I found myself really giddy and laughing at myself and finding it absolutely hilarious I couldn’t feel one side of my face. The second time, I was a state and it made me quite emotional and I came out of the appointment and cried lots and lots…

The ladies in there with me were absolutely lovely and made sure I was comfortable. During getting my teeth out, there was literally what everyone said there would be – lots of tugging, pulling, shoving; and that is exactly what I felt. The needles were sort of painful has the numbing anaesthetic started to kick in but the needle itself going in was just the most discomfort I’ve ever felt.

Because I didn’t want my four teeth out coming all at once, I had it done in two separate appointments hence why the gas and air had different effects.

The after effects of the teeth coming out and the numbing wearing off was very annoying. Its horrid not being able to feel your face and having to wait for it to come back with the feeling so you can start drinking normally again. I hated having to wait so long and the second time took even longer because he seemed to use quite a few syringes of the anaesthetic.

FINALLY I got to have my brace on last week (Tuesday 6th December) and it didn’t hurt at all and only ached for a few hours on and off. The worst thing about it was probably the blocks going on because of the glue they use to stick them on tasting absolutely vile. Also having the bands put in and attached was kind of painful / uncomfortable because there was a lot of force being used for me and twisting which felt like my teeth were going to fall out.

Since having my braces on, I’ve been living off skips, weetabix and jelly and thats about it until I can eat properly again.

Thank you all for reading and I hope this post was helpful to anyone having braces put on soon!

Till next time,


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