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I’ve found that getting back into blogging is such a hit and miss situation. You want to have the most perfect theme, with all the aesthetic you could possibly get, and yet something still manages to go wrong.

I started blogging back in 2016 in April, (my >>first post<< is still up!) and since then I have just generally loved having a space on the internet to be able to vent and be creative with my writing.

In the past two days, I’ve tried to attempt getting a nice theme, and it worked… Until it broke my entire blog! My blog was down for about 12 hours and just completely stopped working for no reason whatsoever and what caused it is still a mystery.

I feel like there’s a lot of pressure for bloggers to constantly come up with ideas for posts, but heck. I’m going to try my best to come back with blogging every week. I may set up a schedule. It all depends. I’ve loved reading different blogs at the moment, but I’ll make a separate post about them for the next one.

I’m hoping coming back to blogging and reading other bloggers will bring me back feeling motivated every week. Thanks for sticking with me.

Who are your favourite bloggers?

Abi x

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  1. I am in the exact same position as you right now. I love blogging, and miss it so much. Yet feel like I am never happy with my content? It’s weird, I am trying to get back into it though xo

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