First Week of College | My Experience


Monday 5th September was my first day at college. By college I mean the next level up from high school – not university for all you Americans. I’m studying Creative Media & Journalism at my college and so far – it’s great.

My day didn’t really go to plan at first as I got to my bus stop and the bus didn’t turn up. I was expecting it to be late but it just did not turn up therefore I panicked a bit so thankfully my dad was able to take me.

Walking into the college I was greeted by a handful of lovely people who were in the college. Making my way down to my class, there’s a Costa which I’m so happy about?.

The typical college starters are ice breakers which are what we spent the majority of our time doing over the course of Monday and Tuesday. I hate ice breakers with a passion and I find them incredibly boring and long-winded. I’m only in college for 4 days, 2 of which are short days meaning I finish at 2.15 which is an absolute life saver. I also get Fridays off which I love.

Wednesday and Thursday were when we started really getting into our coursework and making our way through it. We had different assignments to do with photography which I’m okay with because it involves research.

The whole of the first week was more to do with getting to know the people on my course and making new friends. Unfortunately last week wasn’t my best week due to just really not getting on with the people who sat around me. There are 3 people who I really do get on with now and they’re absolutely lovely.

If anyone has any questions about college and getting started, let me know! I want to blog at least 4 times a week so get ready for a post tomorrow.


-Abi xo


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