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When I first discovered people made favourites videos and blog posts on the internet, I got super excited about what they might post that month and introduce me to. Discovering new products, movies, games, books and a whole bunch more was just awesome. I briefly made favourites videos on my YouTube channel way back when, and I have decided to not only start making videos again but also blog posts!
I’m going to split these into a few different categories and see what I come up with in the future, but for now, I’ll simply be talking you through my favourites of February.


I have actually loved a few skincare bits this month! The first thing I have found a love for is the *BodyBlendz Vanilla Coffee Body Scrub. This scrub honestly smells amazing and seriously does some wonders that I cannot describe. Since coming back from the UK, my skin has had a horrible dry feeling and has just not reacted well to the sun, meaning when I’ve been peeling, my skin has taken too much off and it’s scarred me! Thankfully those rough patches of skin feel so much better than they did and look so much better! There are so many benefits for your skin on their site you can read about here!

I’m really happy with how this scrub is treating my skin, even after a couple of uses.

Another of my favourites this month for my skin has been suncream. As random as that is, suncream is an absolute lifesaver when you live in a country where it reaches nearly 40 degrees in the summer!

In February, my parents and I watched The Da Vinci Code. They have seen it numerous amounts of times, whereas I had never seen it. As soon as the movie had finished, I immediately searched for the book and found it and cracked it open the same evening. I’m really enjoying how short the chapters are, but also the detail that Dan Brown went to in this book.

I’m really enjoying reading and finding out more about Robert Langdon and finding out about his little quirks in even more detail, and I am LOVING the character of Sophie Neveu. She’s super interesting, and if you’ve seen the movie or read the book you’ll know she has a really intriguing story behind her too.

David Attenborough – Adventures of a Young Naturalist
I don’t think I could be more British. David Attenborough has been someone I have wanted to know more about for a while now. With a gift card, my siblings got me for Christmas, I went into Dymocks and bought this book. I have only managed a few chapters in the first ‘book’ so far, but I cannot wait to carry on reading and read about David’s adventures. He’s straight to the point and describes everything so perfectly that you literally visualise what he could have seen and witnessed.


Netflix Faves!
I have been watching Netflix more often this month than I care to admit to, but it’s been keeping me company through college work!
One of the first of my favourites and a non-stop watch literally every single day has been Pretty Little Liars. My friend Emily is the reason I have got back into this series. I haven’t watched it since at least 2014/2015, so this time around I’m realising so many different things that I didn’t notice before about different characters and the entire story.

A movie I discovered recently and have finally watched was ‘Identity Thief’ that stars Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman. I can honestly say I was so impressed. I absolutely love Melissa McCarthy and how incredible of an actress she is in every film she stars in, so for her to be so great in this was such a relief. There were many mixed reviews throughout Google and social media, but I honestly loved it.

Every Single Harry Potter Film! (minus the last three)
Through February my family and I have managed to watch the majority of the Harry Potter films, and by that I mean four of them. I have been an avid Harry Potter fan throughout my childhood, (I was brought up well) and the films will always bring me so much joy, and I would honestly just recommend them to absolutely everyone.

Stranger Things 1 + 2
I absolutely love Stranger Things and everything to do with the quirkiness of both of the series and couldn’t resist watching for the third time. Yep. Millie Bobby Brown deserves every single award for playing Eleven, as well as Noah Schnapp for portraying Will so incredibly well. Definitely two of the strongest actors throughout these series.

+ finally – Misc Bits and Bobs.
I had a good few little favourites this month. One of them being my bullet journal. This bullet journal has lasted me throughout the entirety of 2018 and I’m pretty sure it should last for all of 2019 too. I’m absolutely loving putting together different spreads for the month and figuring out what spreads work for me and which ones don’t. When I have completed this bullet journal I will be making a blog post about what I will and won’t be taking into my next one, which is a post I’m super excited to make for you.

Next! Pokemon Go. Even after almost three years of the game being released, I have found a big love for it this past month. All of the field research tasks make everything so much more intriguing, instead of having to just wait around for a community day or something similar. I think the game has huge benefits as I read recently in this post by Wandering Words about why she still plays Pokemon Go. Give it a read!


Those are all of my favourites from this past month. Definitely check out all of these different things! I will be doing a monthly playlist very soon that I’m super excited to put together because already this month, music has been my next favourite thing.
Until Next Time,
Abi x


*any products marked with an asterisk were sent to me.

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