Disconnected For A Day | 24 Hours Without WiFi…

Yes as mad as it may seem I am writing a blog post about it. I went 24 hours without WiFi, and here’s what happened.

Disconnected for 24 Hours

Last weekend, (24th & 25th Feb) my family and I moved to a different part of our peninsula, and holy heck was it a mad 48 hours. I woke up on Saturday morning (24th) and realised we had no WiFi which I was completely fine with. I never am in a rush in the morning to fret about having no WiFi because lets face it, is it really that important? (most teens these days would say yes)

I stayed in bed for a little while as I usually do but instead of reaching for my phone and checking social media etc, I reached for my bullet journal and updated that instead and wrote a chunky few pages in my journal to remind myself of how the past few days had been like during the process of moving. I can safely say that it definitely woke me up and made me feel more engaged with the day already.
As it was moving day, I of course got up and ready to head out the door to go and fetch the van we had hired for the day. My dad and I got to the hiring place and I had managed to get a hotspot from my Dad’s phone, so I used it whilst we were waiting (this was around 8:30 that morning), and sent all the essential messages to friends, answered Instagram DM’s and Youtube comments, and turned my WiFi off.

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As soon as I had turned my WiFi off, I immediately felt refreshed. I knew that no one was going to be messaging me through group chats, or Snapchat or anything like that. It was lovely not hearing a constant *ba-ding!* all day.

The Saturday we started moving was so hectic that I didn’t even bother checking if I had any data, but to be perfectly honest I really didn’t care. I was enjoying not having any contact with anyone, and just being able to focus on the importance of emptying our old house of various boxes and shelves etc, and moving into the new place.

After a while I realised I hadn’t sent my (please don’t hate me for this) Snapchat streaks, and thats when I started to want internet a little. Now your Snapchat streaks are the least important things ever ever ever, and it really isn’t the end of the world if you do end up losing a streak with someone. However, I have had a Snapstreak with my friend Romy for 591 days. (which means we’ve consecutively spoken every single day for 591 days)

For someone who is absolutely awful at maintaining anything at all, I was slightly worried that our score would go. It thankfully didn’t but the next day I realised how stupid I was for worrying over something so small and completely unimportant. Realising now how utterly silly it sounds for a girl who turns 18 in 48 days to be worrying over something so silly and small.

In terms of my head space and how I felt mentally during the time I was disconnected, I felt like I could really listen to other people and focus on what they were asking me to do rather than getting distracted by my phone. My head felt lighter because I didn’t have a clogged mind from the likes of the Youtube videos I was missing, or the fact that I couldn’t even upload a video for Saturday. It was so strange but I really enjoyed it.


On Sunday, I woke up again with no internet. (still completely fine about it) Instead of reaching for my phone, I reached for a book. (I’m currently reading ‘Wonder’ by R.J Palacio), and I just read and read until I got hungry. It was lovely, and really refreshing. Once again as you can imagine we had another hectic morning on Sunday, as my parents headed back to the old place to continue loading up the van with boxes and beds, and all sorts of things and my sister and I stayed here to start unpacking the kitchen.

Now Sunday was one of those days where I definitely could have had my phone on me instead of leaving it at home when me and my siblings were suddenly thrown into the car to go and take the hire van back, because after taking the van back we went to Woolworths where there was (of course) WiFi. Instead, in the rush I chucked on my slipper socks, *facepalm* and ended up walking around Woolworths in my slipper socks with my family making fun of me.

We finally got WiFi back on Sunday afternoon, and my phone exploded with notifications. Because of all the noise it made, I genuinely didn’t even want to go on my phone. Even just two days later I still don’t want to have it on loud or on me at all times. Its all very interesting as to how I’ve reacted without WiFi.

I think I may do a social media detox one day this week to see how that goes, but for now I probably won’t want to be as obsessed with my phone as I was before last weekend. My phone is currently on 9% and i honestly won’t even be bothered if it dies on me.

I really found this an interesting experience, and highly recommend if you find yourself seeming to be addicted to checking your phone, just turn WiFi off for 24 hours. It honestly does have some sort of an impact.

Thanks so much for reading if you read this far!
-Abi xx

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