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Its Blogmas!!

I’ve got so many more blog posts planned this month leading up to Christmas. I thought I’d bring back my bullet journal this month, as I’ve been wanting to get into it this month (November) but I just didn’t manage to.

Last month’s bullet journal didn’t work as much so I’m really hoping I can complete a month of bullet journaling this month.

As my inspiration has come from a bunch of different people the past three months, I’ve decided to take pure inspiration from AmandaRachDoodles with her layouts and ideas, but of course adapted them in my own way.

Title Page.jpg

Here is my title page this month, with all inspiration from Rachel’s Plan With Me. I just loved the idea of using snowflakes and little circles as snow drops because as you know, I I live in Australia and it hasn’t snowed here for about 80 years! This title page has definitely put me into a Christmassy mood, and I love the icy blue I used.

Let it Snow drawingThe next page is a little drawing again with the inspiration taken from Rachel. I had quite a few blank pages last month, including my mood and habit trackers which weren’t there, and I’m still indecisive about whether I should use them again this month. I wish the colours on this photo would show up with more intensity because the red honestly looks much brighter in person.

December at a GlanceNext we have my December at a glance page. This was possibly the first page I got really excited about doing this month because I didn’t make any mistakes and I usually make loads drawing out calendars!
So this month I opted for some various colours for various things. So I used red for of course, Christmas Day. Purple was used for events that may happen this month and my family and I have one coming up already with some family friends.

Next is dark blue, which was used for when I need to put up a new main channel video. These will only be once a week on Sundays, but will still count as Vlogmas because I’d rather keep Sundays free to plan more videos and have a chill day.
We then of course have Vlogmas! If you didn’t know I have a Youtube channel and have been creating videos on and off for quite a while, but in 2018 I plan to really start working harder on my channel to create  content that not only I like, but my audience enjoy too. I create vlogs, chatty videos, and just recently have started making testing videos. The first one comes out this Sunday at 10:30am UK time!

So yes! Click here if you’d be interested in joining me with Vlogmas this year. Vlogs will be going up at 4pm every day UK time!

Next we have Blogmas! Where all my posts will be going live at 6pm UK time! Like I said I have many different plans for this month regarding blogs, and I really hope I manage to write a different blog post every day! I used a little pink dot for Blogmas which I think looked nice.

Finally we just have a little orange and yellow triangle, which signifies my brother’s birthday. He’s going to be 9 this year!

I just really liked the overall look of the month at a glance page, and I hope you like it too!

Sleep and Water TrackerNext up is my sleep and water tracker. These spreads always work so well for me and I manage to see how much sleep and water I’ve been drinking. This month I’m basing my water off a 950ml bottle I bought from Kmart, and I’m going to try and use my Fitbit to track my sleep.

Again the light icy blue is just surrounding everywhere, as well as the vibrant reds on the santa hats and acting as lines on the sleep tracker.

Santa Snow is FallingBlog Tracker

Last but not least I have included another little drawing, and its a little santa in his hat, and the page next to that is my blog tracker. Last month’s blog tracker was really useful and I found it so easy to use and looking back on my stats I know where I need to improve. I highly recommend to any bloggers who are using a bullet journal method to create a blog tracker because its one of the most useful things I use day to day.

And that is everything for my first Blogmas post this year! I really hope it was useful to anyone else who uses a bullet journal system and method and you’re looking for some inspiration.
Thought I’d mention you don’t need a Leuchtturm 1917 Journal to start a bullet journal. I picked up a plain a5 sketchbook from Officeworks and its done the job perfectly.

That is everything for this post!
Let me know if you use a bullet journal below. What have you found works best for you?

Until next time,

Abi xx

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