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December 1st | BLOGMAS

Good morning / afternoon / evening all,

Its December 1st at last (this post is late im so sorry) meaning festive Christmas songs are played on the radio, and Santa is coming down your street on a float and waving as he goes past and you are your younger siblings are finally delving into your long asrerewaited advent calendars.

There’s always something about the first of a month – maybe seen as as fresh start or simply ‘just another day at the office’ for most. I love watching Christmas come alive in the first few days of December. The light switch ons and the Christmas stock appearing in windows and the cinnamon scented candles.

What does December 1st mean to you? Is it simply another day at the office or does it mean a fresh start for you and new resolutions for the month? Be sure to let me know!

I’m hopefully going to attempt Blogmas but if I don’t succeed at this, I do apologise. I always try to stick to something and try to set myself new resolutions for the month. This is what the first of the month means to me!

I’m currently writing this on the bus and it’s 09.53am. Today I woke up with a headache and ache in my jaw from having 4 teeth out in the past week, and feeling down and just not in this on hehe right frame of mind. I’ve not been to college feeling like this yet, so I’m hoping I’ll be alright today as far as bad brain days & anxiety go.

Update – Today surprisingly went better than expected and I’m meeting a lady tomorrow who’s dog I’ll hopefully be walking! I’ll let you know in blogmas post 2! For now, I’ll sign this post off here and I’ll post tomorrow!

~ Abi ☆

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